George Justice Honored at Launch Party

Photo of George Justice at the Honors CollegeHonors faculty member and Dean of the Graduate School George Justice is honored at the Honors College Launch Party for his new book: The Norton Critical Edition of Jane Austen’s Emma. In the fall of 2011 Dr. Justice taught an honors tutorial to three fabulously talented MU students: first-year student Grace McNamee, sophomore Alison Pohle, and senior Megan Roberts. They read Emma twice, first in a facsimile of the 1816 edition produced on the MU Bookstore's Espresso Book Machine, and then the 2011 Norton Critical Edition.

Here’s what he says of the experience: “Emma is novel that demands re-reading (and re-reading after that), and so our extremely enjoyable and informal conversations ranged from the way Austen put her novel together, to the literary and historical contexts of early nineteenth-century England, to modern manners and mores. I learn as much from the students as they learn from me—and probably the greatest amount of learning consists of the students learning from each other. There was no greater professional pleasure in my life last fall: I emerged from each hour spent with these students energized intellectually, and proud of the work they are doing here on campus. These students loved Jane Austen, and they loved to delve deeply into the novel's complexities. The MU Honors College's tutorial program provides unique opportunities to the college's students—and to the faculty lucky enough to get to know them.”