October 2017 News

Geek Out

The Honors College celebrated its third annual Geek Week Sept. 18-23, complete with trivia, games, crafts and more. This year, Geek Week broke its previous attendance record, as programming reached 160 total students. The week saw 223 event sign-ins, indicating that many students attended more than one event.

Guidance for Aspiring Doctors

The number of Mizzou students admitted to medical and dental schools is well above the national average, due in part to the support student receive from MU’s MedOpp Advising Office.

In the News

By day, senior Tyler Emery is a typical college student; she attends class, participates in extracurricular activities and spends time with her friends. By night, she is a professional news anchor for Columbia’s NBC affiliate, KOMU. On weekday evenings, Emery’s face appears on television sets across mid-Missouri as she broadcasts the news live to 40,000 viewers in 15 counties.

Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote Named Inaugural Cherng Visiting Scholar

Dr. Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote, Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been named the inaugural Andrew and Peggy Cherng Distinguished Visiting Scholar for the MU Honors College.

Anna Merkel – August & September 2017

August was a whirlwind! Time has flown by, and now it has been over a month since I moved to Mizzou. It seems like only days ago that I was sitting in my high school’s library, worrying about where to go and what to do in college. Move in day honestly felt like I was…

Madi Winfield – August & September 2017

Hello, Stamps community! My name is Madi Winfield, and I’m a freshman journalism major at the University of Missouri - Columbia. I am incredibly excited to be one of Mizzou’s inaugural Stamps Scholars and to help shape this branch of the program into something long-lasting and beneficial to the scholars and our community. I’m not…

Toyin Jackson – August & September 2017

Hi! I’ve been at Mizzou for a little over a month now and it’s been going well! The transition has been super different for me and it’s been a struggle but it’s been getting easier. My favorite thing about Mizzou is the campus and the culture. Not that the football team is doing well right…

Caitlin Kelleher – August & September 2017

Wow! The first few weeks are in the books as a freshman at the University of Missouri and as a Stamps Scholar! It has been a crazy ride, starting with move-in day, sorority recruitment week, my first college classes, and first football game. Although it has been a huge transition from New Jersey, I am…