Study Abroad | Study Away

The Honors College provides unique and exclusive study abroad programs for our students, designed with a customized curriculum and cutting-edge experiential learning opportunities through partnerships with global institutions. Our programs are not “trips,” rather, they are fully articulated and intensive programs of study that put students square in the middle of the issues and content. These programs immerse our students in the challenges of understanding the world from a different culture and perspective.

Athens, Greece: Spend a semester in the capital of Greece, studying at the Arcadia University Centre and living in apartments of the classical Pangrati neighborhood (marked by a central square with restaurants, pubs, a butcher, a candy store, and cafes). This program is ideal for STEM and Pre-Med majors, as it includes a semester-long internship at Demokritos (The Greek National Science Research Center) or Doctors of the World Athens Clinic. Students enroll in 9 hours of courses and 3 – 6 hours of internships.

Nicosia, Cyprus (SU, Semester): Spend a summer or academic year semester at the University of Nicosia.

The Hague, Netherlands (Semester): One of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities is the home to The Hague University of Applied Sciences, where you can study communication, international relations (focused on the European Union and the Eurozone), and business, all in English. Students can add an option internship with one of the hundreds of global corporations with offices throughout the city. MU Honors students pay tuition and fees to MU as they normally would (using all existing aid) and work with THUAS to secure housing in the Hollands Spoor neighborhood surrounding the campus.

The Hague, Netherlands (Summer, Odd Years): Focused on the pursuit of international justice in the wake of genocide and mass atrocities, this MU Faculty-led program takes you deep inside the international courts, think-tanks, NGOs, and government agencies that are committed to the quest for prevention and, when called for, punishment. Students will witness trials, speak with officials from numerous agencies and offices, and examine the world of international law. The program, scheduled for three weeks (from late May to mid-June), also includes a three-day program in Amsterdam focused on the history and legacy of the Holocaust.