Enid Schatz

Dr. Enid Schatz

Professor, Public Health

Phone: 573-882-7196

Email: schatzej@health.missouri.edu

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Dr. Schatz’s research brings a gendered lens to examining the social and structural impacts of HIV on older African’s physical health and social well-being. Much of her work has focused on the impact of HIV on older persons, their roles and responsibilities in households affected by HIV, and the ways that social welfare mediated their health and other needs. More recently, her work has begun to focus on the fact that the aging of African populations and roll out of antiretroviral treatment (ART) for HIV has meant an increasing number of people aging with HIV, as well as larger numbers of those at risk and being infected at older ages. Despite this very specific focus, she is also interested in the broad and multiple ways that race, gender, age, geography and other factors impact health and our understanding of Public Health. She bring these perspectives to Honors One Read Tutorials and to mentorship of Honors College students’ research and engagement projects.