Cherng Program in Honors

“We are delighted to contribute to inspiring better lives by supporting one of the nation’s best honors colleges as well as providing resources to educate and train our future leaders.”

-University of Missouri alumni, Andrew and Peggy Cherng

Andrew & Peggy Cherng

In the spring of 2017, through the Panda Charitable Foundation, the Cherngs made a $1.5 million dollar gift to support scholarships, programs and study abroad opportunities for high-achieving students within the MU Honors College. Below are a few highlights from programs that have been implemented as a result of this philanthropy.

You can learn more about Andrew and Peggy’s approach to philanthropic giving and also Peggy’s rise through the corporate world, in order to understand more about what motivates each of them. And, to also learn more about the ways in which their contributions to the American story have been part of a larger narrative that is inclusive of all Asian Americans.


The CIRCA Scholars Program, a problem-based interdisciplinary approach to learning and research (Cherng Interdisciplinary Research in Contemporary Affairs) is built upon a two-semester course sequence and study abroad/away experiences that explores the interconnected threads of current issues and problems facing humanity. First semester students will examine global issues, from peace and conflict to education and learning, by defining problems, analyzing different stakeholder’s perspectives, reviewing evidence, and re-framing solutions. Second semester, students choose one global issue to look further into, framed through a research and leadership.



Dr. Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote, Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been named the inaugural Andrew and Peggy Cherng Distinguished Visiting Scholar. She visited Mizzou in November 2017 to deliver a public talk, entitled We’ll Show You Boys How to Dance: Kiowa Dance and Painting, 1928-1940.



Beginning in the summer of 2017, the Honors College was pleased to accept its first cohort of twelve students as Cherng Summer Scholars, to participate in a full-time, ten week, summer research or artistry program for Mizzou’s most accomplished rising MU juniors and seniors. These scholars participated in individually designed theoretical research, applied research, or artistry projects, under the mentorship of an MU faculty member in the field. At the conclusion of the summer the research and artistry projects were presented at the Summer Undergraduate Research Forum. Each summer we will induct a new cohort of twelve students into this prestigious cohort.

Cherng Summer Scholars


 The full array of programs created and supported by the Cherng’s gift includes the following:

Cherng Prize and Distinguished Visiting Faculty Program

  • 2017 Dr. Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote, University of North Carolina
  • 2018 Dr. Paul Offit, University of Pennsylvania

Cherng Global Leadership Academy

Cherng Scholars and Show Me Scholars

Cherng Summer Scholars

ASH Scholars (Documenting Luyia Project, 2016 — present)

CIRCA Scholars and “Global Connections: Twenty-First Century Issues” Curriculum

COIL Global Curricular Innovation

Coordinator of Scholars and Fellows Programs

Genocide and Transitional Justice Curriculum

  • Genocide
  • Transitional Justice
  • New Ideas in Genocide Studies
  • Genocide and Film
  • Genocide and International Justice
  • The Bosnian Genocide: Srebrenica

One Read Honors

Stamps Scholars

Study Abroad — Bosnia, England, Greece, Malaysia, and The Netherlands

Study Away — Washington, D.C.