Cherng Summer Scholars & Fellows Programs

The first cohort of twelve scholars launched their projects in the summer of 2017. Cherng Summer Scholars, who are arguably our most accomplished juniors and seniors, participate in a full-time, ten week, summer research or artistry program. These scholars participate in individually-designed theoretical research, applied research, or artistry projects under the mentorship of an MU faculty member in the field. At the conclusion of the summer the research and artistry projects are presented at the Summer Undergraduate Research Forum and Scholars finish out their year at MU by presenting their work in various forums to current and future MU students.

Each summer we induct a new cohort of students into this prestigious program. Below are the members of previous cohorts.

CSS 2019: Sarah Gilmer, Mollie Harrison, Toni Morcos, Reagan Myers, J.D. Peiffer, Emmalee Reed, Jolie Welch, Andrew Yowell

CSS 2018: Elizabeth Kujath, Caroline Statler, Beckie Jaeckels, Kyra Flora, Sally Heil, Sam Ritter, Patrick Cronely, Sai Gajagowni, Rebecca Craig, Sarah Pribe, and Emelyn Piotter (not pictured).

CSS 2017: Riley Messer, Clarabelle Fields, Julia Brose, Jade Thomas, Thomas Cassimatis, Ethan Zars, Braden Zink, Aiden Alemifar, Tessa Valleroy, Jacqueline Ihnat, Abbey Robinson, and Baylee Francka (not pictured).

Cherng Summer Scholars

Our Cherng Summer Scholars go on to even greater heights, including being the first author of research articles prior to graduation, becoming Fulbright Scholars, going on to graduate school, and employment with some of the world’s leading corporations.

The CIRCA Scholars Program, a problem-based interdisciplinary approach to learning and research (Cherng Interdisciplinary Research in Contemporary Affairs) is built upon a two-semester course sequence and study abroad/away experiences that explores the interconnected threads of current issues and problems facing humanity. First semester students will examine global issues, from peace and conflict to education and learning, by defining problems, analyzing different stakeholder’s perspectives, reviewing evidence, and re-framing solutions. Second semester, students choose one global issue to look further into, framed through a research and leadership.


The Cherng Program supports a number of our Scholars & Fellows Programs, including the Cherng Scholars and Show Me Scholars, ASH Scholars (Documenting Luyia Project, 2016 — present), Stamps Scholars, and the two programs above, Cherng Summer Scholars and CIRCA Scholars.

Acquisition of practical skills, the direct application of knowledge, and advancing in one’s chosen field of study are the three facets at the core of our Scholars & Fellows research programs. We have over a dozen different programs, each designed to foster a different facet of a participant’s education.

From Discovery Fellows (intensive research), to Show Me Scholars, to Founders Memorial Scholars, we provide 450 students, annually, with funding to pursue their future, today. Our goal is to provide 900 spaces, to give these opportunities to at least half of all of the students in the College, and in so doing retain the both Missouri’s brightest, “home grown” talent, as well as some of the most academically accomplished students in the nation.

In addition to a scholarship each year, Scholars & Fellows also participate in exclusive programs through which they will develop and enhance both “soft skills” and advanced academic practices. They are also provided with opportunities to enroll in dedicated honors classes, participate in study abroad or study away, serve as a Teaching Assistant for an Honors College class, and present their work at various academic and professional conferences. These are truly transformational programs.

For more details on each of these programs, their unique designs, and their goals and objectives, please visit our Scholars & Fellows Programs page.