Honors College Appeals Policy

Any current student wishing to appeal an academic decision of the Honors College (probation, dismissal, not awarding Honors Certificate)* must notify the Director of the College, in writing, within five business days of the initial decision.

Once the Director has been notified, an Honors College Advisor will be appointed to work with the student to understand the grounds upon which the appeal will be based. The Advisor will consult with the student in the preparation a written letter of appeal and instructions on how to compile any supporting documentation for that appeal.

The letter and supporting documentation are due within ten business days after the initial decision (five business days after notification of intent to appeal).

The Director (or appointed designee) will render a decision within fifteen business days after the initial notification (five business days after receiving the letter of appeal and supporting documentation). The Director’s decision is final.

Situations which present significant mitigating circumstances or warrant exceptional consideration (usually cases supported by one of the many campus resource centers—including, but not limited to, the Center for Disability Services, Veterans Center, Student Health Center, LGBTQ Resource Center, RSVP Center, Counseling Center, and the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX), the Director may convene a faculty/staff panel to hear a student’s appeal. This process may take up to an additional fifteen business days. The panel, chaired by the Director, will then make a determination within five business days following the conclusion of the appeal hearing. The panel’s decision is final.

In situations where the timeline must be extended, the request for an extension must be put in writing within the stated time frames, above, and only becomes operational if all parties agree.


* This policy does not cover the awarding of grades, for which there is a separate University policy.

Adopted by the Honors College Council, October 07, 2016.