Graduate Course Work Application

Honors partners with the Law School, Medical School, and Truman School of Public Affairs to offer you additional classes; likewise a student may take almost any approved graduate class for Honors credit.

  • Up to 8 hours of graduate credit (7000-level coursework and above) completed at MU will be considered as Honors Credit for third- and fourth-year students. Students must achieve a minimum letter grade of “B” or higher to receive honors credit.
  • Graduate credit hours earned for an undergraduate degree may not also be used toward a graduate degree.
  • Undergraduate students who intend to enroll in graduate-level coursework must consult with the Faculty Member teaching the course and their Departmental Advisor.
  • Graduate courses to be used for honors credit must be approved by the Honors College Director/Associate Director prior to the start of class.
You must complete the Graduate Coursework for Undergraduate Credit form before filling out the Graduate Coursework for Honors Credit Application. Both forms are required to complete your application. Please email your application to

You will be notified via email when your application has been approved.


Graduate Coursework for Undergraduate Credit



Graduate Coursework for Honors Credit Application