HLBC Timeline

  1. After registering for classes during Early Registration, decide in what class you would like to earn Honors Learning-by-Contract credit, request a sample syllabus from the faculty member, think about potential projects, and schedule a meeting with the faculty member to discuss them.
  2. As early as possible before the semester starts and well before meeting with the faculty member, look over the course syllabus carefully and think about possible projects you could do, or topics you could explore. Either refer the faculty member to information on the website or bring a copy of this document with you, in case they are unfamiliar with Honors Learning-by-Contract. Discuss with them your ideas for possible topics and projects to pursue, and listen to their ideas. Since an Honors contract requires additional time and energy from the faculty member, whatever projects or topics are agreed upon should be of special interest.
  3. During week one of the Semester (first three days of the SU session), confirm that the faculty member is willing to supervise an Honors Learning-by-Contract with you, draft a one-page proposal (using the Guidelines for Developing the Honors Learning-by-Contract Project), and discuss it with the faculty member. When your proposal is agreed upon, complete the proposal form by typing directly into the online form, sign and date the form, and ask your faculty member to sign and date the form.
  4. By the end of the second week of classes in the Fall and Spring semesters, submit the Honors Learning-by-Contract proposal form, signed by you and the faculty member, to the Honors College (210 Lowry Hall) for approval. During Summer semesters, the proposal form must be submitted by the end of the first week of class.
  5. By the end of the third week of classes, you and your faculty member will be notified via email with approval of the HLBC proposal. If the proposal is not deemed robust or engaging, you and your faculty member may be asked to revise and resubmit. All revisions must be submitted within one week of request to be considered for approval.
  6. Throughout the semester, work on your Honors Learning-by-Contract project and meet regularly with your faculty member.
  7. Faculty and student will receive a mid-semester survey of progress.
  8. No later than Reading Day for Fall and Spring semesters, and the last day of class for Summer semesters, complete and submit the Learning-by-Contract Evaluation Form, signed by the faculty member overseeing your contract. Honors credit will not be awarded until the signed evaluation is submitted to the Honors College. It may take up to one month after grades are posted for the honors designation to appear on your transcript. Please note: the “H” designation will only appear on your official transcript and the Student Academic Profile, which can be obtained through your Student Center in myZou.