Genocide and International Justice

Genocide and International Justice

Honors College Study Abroad Program

23 May – 08 June 2019 (Summer Intersession)

Den Hague

In partnership with The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THU) and LeMoyne College (Syracuse, NY), we are very excited to offer this unique program of study, which will take you deep inside the inner-workings of international justice.

You will have the opportunity sit in on trials at the International Criminal Court, the Mechanism for International Tribunals (formerly the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda), the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (not yet operational). We will visit with the US-Iran Commission and the International Court of Justice at the Peace Palace. And we will meet with prosecutors, investigators, victims, and public officials.

Throughout the program, students work with some of the world’s leading institutes and organizations combatting genocide and pursuing justice, including the Hague Institute for Global Justice, The Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Amsterdam (NIOD), and take classes in the halls of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

The program will also spend three days in Amsterdam, focusing in on the narrative of the Holocaust as it transpired throughout The Netherlands. Students will tour the Anne Frank House while taking a walking tour of the city that will also lead to the National Holocaust Memorial and Museum, the ancient synagogue which now houses the Jewish History Museum, and get a broader context at the Amsterdam City Museum. There will be some free time to explore the city, to be followed by a group visit to the famed Van Gogh Museum, where you can see the largest single collection of his works, in the world.

Dr. J.D. Bowers and Dr. Delia Popescu, both of whom have extensive experience in international relations, law, genocide studies, and peace studies, lead the program.

There will be two pre-departure class sessions on campus, eighteen days in country, and one post-program class session. During these sessions you will learn about genocide and the pursuit of justice as well as Dutch politics, and culture.

Students abroad

All students are welcome to apply and participate, priority given to Honors-eligible students.


INSTRUCTORS Dr. J.D. Bowers, Dr. Delia Popescu

COURSES  Gn_Hon 2120H or 2230H (3 credits); an additional 3 credits, Independent Study is available

APPLICATION DEADLINE 15 December 2018 (priority); 15 February 2019 (regular)

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE  Up to eight scholarships for 25% off of all billable costs are available. Submit additional application (see below) by 15 December 2018.


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GENOCIDE and INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE Peace, Justice, and the International Courts

Study Abroad Scholarship Instructions

As part of a special allocation to support the GENOCIDE and INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE Study Abroad Program through MU’s Honors College, we are offering up to eight 25% scholarships (covering half of the program’s billable costs) for the 2019 program, which is intended to facilitate pursuit of this study abroad experience. We are pleased that you want to utilize these funds to advance your education.

There are up to eight awards for the 2019 Program and the award process is competitive.

Without being burdensome, we ask that you submit a brief application to the Honors College explaining why you wish to participate in this program. The award will be reimbursed to the student or paid for in advance by the College. Upon completion of your experience, recipients will be required to provide a reflective essay as well as agree to three hours of “service” to help secure the Program’s future (assist at a Study Abroad Fair, do promotional work, etc.).

You must submit the following in order to apply for the scholarship funding:

  • Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship Information Form (below)
  • A letter (no more than 2 pages, single-spaced) addressing and answering the following:
    • What do you expect to learn by participating in this program?
    • Why do you wish to enroll in THIS opportunity?
    • How will utilizing your funding in this way impact your future academic and career goals?
  • Your current CV/Résumé.


Reflective Post-Program Essay and Requirements

You must submit the following no later than four weeks after utilizing your funding/returning from your experience:

  • A four – five page (single-spaced) narrative containing the following:
  • What you did during the experience (e.g., how you spent your time, description of your project/experience).
  • How your experience deepened your understanding of your discipline and enhanced your professional and/or technical skills.
  • How the experience influenced your work/future graduate education and/or career opportunities.
  • What was the most interesting thing you learned during this experience?
  • Other (your chance to tell us about this from your perspective).

Please also include at least one action photo of you participating in this experience. Please note that your reflective essay and photo(s) may be used for P.R. purposes.


GENOCIDE and INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE Study Abroad Scholarship Request


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Dates of Experience: 22 May 2019 – 08 June 2019                                                                          

Statement of Agreement: By signing this form and accepting the partial tuition scholarship for the 2019 GENOCIDE and INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE Honors College study abroad program, I agree to the requirements to participate in the program (if I withdraw, I agree to refund the award), provide a reflective essay upon my return, provide promotional materials (photographs), and assist the program in efforts to promote it to other students for future years.




Please attach the required essay and resume documents to this Information Form.


Deadline: 15 December 2018

All information must be submitted to:

Honors College


210 Lowry Hall

University of Missouri

Columbia, MO 65211