Induction Ceremony

In previous years, the Honors College officially welcomed its new class of students in a ceremony that included addresses by a distinguished guest, a student, and campus officials, as well as an activity led by the Honors College Ambassadors, whereby incoming students are introduced to promises and values of the Honors College.

The ceremony’s highlights, however, are the Student and Keynote speeches. The Director of the Honors College invited honors faculty to nominate a current honors student and a distinguished individual to each deliver an address intended to impart wisdom, inspiration, humor, engagement, perspective, and the sense of community that is the Honors College at Mizzou.

2016 Induction Ceremony
2016 Induction Ceremony (click to enlarge)

Induction Ceremony Keynote Speakers

The ceremony has often been headlined by some very distinguished keynote speakers, who bring honor and wisdom to the event as they provide the right touch that helps us launch our academic year.

2016 — Governor (MO) Jay Nixon, ’78 and Mrs. Georganne Nixon, ’78
2015 — Mr. John Wright
2014 — Dr. Bill Bondeson


Induction Ceremony Student Speeches

Students have delivered speeches so memorable, we decided to archive them here, where all our website guests may read and be inspired by them.

Don’t You Agree?

2016 Honors College Induction Ceremony Speech

By Breanna Carter – Kirkland, WA

The Exhilaration of Understanding

2015 Honors College Induction Ceremony Speech

By Daniela Vidal – Peoria, IL

Reading Between the Columns

2014 Honors College Induction Ceremony Speech

By Rachel Koehn – Houston, TX

Opportunity, Coffee and Poetry

2013 Honors College Induction Ceremony Speech

By Azeem Khan – Columbia, MO

A Lesson in Learning One

2012 Honors College Induction Ceremony Speech

By Alyson Germinder – Merriam, KS