Outstanding Honors Faculty Award

The Honors College seeks to recognize our outstanding faculty and each year we present all of our professors with a letter of recognition and invite them to attend a reception in their honor. However, even among the cohort of the most outstanding faculty, we are aware that some faculty stand out for their teaching, engagement, contributions to the College, service to students (through recommendation letters, networking, etc.), and support of the mission of the College and University.

If you have been working with an Honors faculty member who has demonstrated such contributions above and beyond the norm, for you and for others, in and out of class, please nominate them to receive our annual award. If there are other students who are likely to support this nomination, please ask them to submit a separate nomination.

All nominees will be contacted and requested to provide us with a Statement of Honors Teaching and Engagement as well as a copy of their current Curriculum Vitae.

Nominators (you) and nominees will be invited to the annual Honors Day celebration, held in mid-April, where the winner will be announced.

Nominations are due by the end of the day on March 1st

Nomination Form