Residential Life

Honors Learning Community

As an honors student at MU, you may choose to live in the Honors Learning Community (HLC). Co-ed floors reserved for Honors Residence students in Mark Twain Hall provide you with specials areas for studying and socializing, and encourage you to participate broadly in life at Mizzou.

Mark Twain Hall takes its name affectionately from Missouri’s famous author. Remodeled in the Fall of 2013, Mark Twain Hall hosts 380 students between seven floors. The building offers both single and double suites to its residents. Students will find ample study space between study rooms and house lounges located on each floor. The basement of Mark Twain Hall features a full kitchen, laundry room, meeting room, practice room for musicians and a fully equipped computing site. It also features living and learning communities that are sure to keep students active and engaged in the hall.

Inside and around Mark Twain Hall you will find a number of amenities designed to help you succeed in your classes and make your stay more enjoyable. The building is located on the northwest end of campus near the College of Engineering, Education, and Journalism. Nearby attractions include Peace Park, the MKT Trail, and Downtown Columbia. The MARK on 5th Street is located right inside Mark Twain Hall.

Check out the video below for a brief tour of Mark Twain Hall.

Honors Freshman Interest Group (FIG)

A FIG is a Freshman Interest Group, a living-learning community involving about 20 students who live together in the same residence hall and take three classes together in their first semester. FIG students also meet once a week for the 1-credit Freshman Proseminar, a course taught by the peer advisor for each FIG. Peer advisors are usually juniors or seniors in a major related to the subject matter of a FIG. Each FIG also has a faculty mentor. Honors Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) are available in a number of interest areas including pre-med, journalism, engineering, business, humanities, and pre-law. In most honors Figs, two of the three courses in the FIG are honors courses or honors sections of regularly offered courses. For more information about FIGs, please visit the Freshman Interest Group website.

2017 Honors FIGs