CIRCA Scholars

The CIRCA program ceased operations as of end of Spring 2019

CIRCA Scholars lasted for two years, providing a compelling, interdisciplinary approach to learning and research that explored the interconnected threads of current issues and problems facing humanity. Scholars were led by Dr. Stephen Whitney (College of Education and Honors College), one of our most outstanding faculty members, in the two-course sequence.

First semester students examined global issues, from peace and conflict to education and learning, by defining problems, analyzing different stakeholder’s perspectives, reviewing evidence, and re-framing solutions. Second semester students chose one global issue to look further into, framed through a research and leadership.


Entering freshmen with an ACT composite score of 29 or better and admittance into the Honors College were eligible for the CIRCA Scholars Program.

Both the first and second semester courses were required for participation and to fulfill the scholarship requirements. Both courses counted towards completion of the Honors Certificate and for General Education graduation requirements.


Applications are closed and will no longer be accepted.


Participants were selected by the Honors College Scholars and Fellows Committee. There were twenty-four available spots for this award each year. During the program they were required to maintain the GPA and participation requirements in the Honors College.


The program was supported by a gift from Peggy and Andrew Cherng and the Panda Charitable Foundation.

  • Recipients received a one-time award of $4,000 for their first year at Mizzou
  • Special co-curricular programming, and engagement in several unique opportunities was available

For More Information

This is a historical page. No further information about the CIRCA program is available as it was ended after Spring 2019 and no new students were accepted. The program was folded into other existing Scholars & Fellows programs within the Honors College.