Founders’ Memorial Scholars

Established in 2018 to mark our 60th anniversary as the nation’s first honors college, the Founders’ Memorial Scholars are a select group of undergraduate students chosen to work alongside the director of the College to enhance the research profile or work of the College towards its priorities, while furthering their skills and knowledge.

Recipients receive up to a two-year award (which can be extended based upon performance and need) that includes a scholarship and a specific research or programmatic assignment, and will participate in the wider Honors College Scholars & Fellows Program workshops and professional development opportunities.

The name evokes the memory and legacies of the numerous founders of the University of Missouri, from James S. Rollins and George Caleb Bingham, to those who established the numerous colleges and programs that are, today, the essential bodies of the University’s academic mission, including, and most especially, the Honors College.

Directors of the Honors College: Dr. Rod McGrew (1958-1964) | Dr. William “Mac” Jones (1964-1966) | Dr. Richard Renner (1966-69) | Dr. Bill Bondeson (1969-1972) | Dr. James Holleran (acting, 1972-1973) | Dr. Paul Nelson (1973-1975) | Dr. George Fasel (1975-1977; 1978-1979) | Dr. Ted Tarkow (acting, 1977-1978; 1979-1983) | Dr. Edwin Kaiser (1983-1991) | Dr. Stuart Palonsky (1991-2011) | Dr. Nancy West (interim, 2011-2015) | Dr. J.D. Bowers (2015-present).

The FMS program is further unique in that it will be funded, in part, by the annual and endowed giving of past and present directors of the College.

Application and Selection

FMS recipients can be either incoming first-year students or current MU students. The selection is based on the needs of the College and the programs that have been given priority in any given year.

Current first year students and entering freshman are eligible for the Founders’ Memorial Scholars program if they have a 32 ACT or 1420 SAT. Entering freshman who are eligible may apply for the Scholars & Fellows programs as part of the Honors College Application. You can access the Honors College application after you apply for admission to Mizzou through your application status page. The Scholars & Fellows application is due by January 1, 2021. Please note that in order for your Scholars & Fellows application to be considered, you must have already been admitted to Mizzou.

Current MU students can apply through the existing MUHC Scholarship application that is due by February 01.

Recipients will be notified by April 1.


Founders’ Memorial Scholars (Present & Past)

2020-2021  |  Cassie Anderson (’24)  |  Maggie Courtney (’24)  |  Laura Frymire (’23)  |  Elena Jolly (’24)  |  Anna Kochman (’23)  |  MJ Montgomery (’24)  |  Nick Prainito (’23)  |  Erika Sesler (’24)  |  Hannah Wilson (’22)

2019-2020  |  Mary Grace Newman (’20)  |  Laura Frymire (’23)  |  Maggie Lyon (’21)  |  Miki Hodel (’21)  |  Savannah Modesitt (’20)  | Kira Lovell (’22)

2018-2019  |  Mary Grace Newman (’20)