Scholars & Fellows Partners

The Honors College partners and works very closely with a number of partners to facilitate and execute our scholars and fellows programs and programming. This extends the impact of our efforts across the campus, into departmental and college programs, various majors, and well beyond the traditional boundaries of most other Honors colleges and programs. Please contact each of these programs/offices directly for more information.

Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research has a core mission to help students discover additional and advanced research opportunities that are right for them. A list of research programs for students in every major is available on the Undergraduate Research website.

Center for Academic Success and Excellence

The Center for Academic Success and Excellence provides extensive support services and connections to campus resources from the time a student enters MU until the time of their graduation, while fostering success/excellence, providing programs and activities, and promoting academic excellence.

Walter Williams Scholars

MU School of Journalism: Walter Williams Scholars are “designed for the top tier of what is already an elite group. If you qualify, you will truly be the best among the best” within the School of Journalism. WWS also live in the same residence hall as students in the Honors Learning Community (HLC) and HFIGs.

Nursing Scholars Program

MU School of Nursing: Nursing Scholars Program offers the Nursing Scholars Program for incoming freshman who are Honors College eligible. Applications for Nursing Scholars are sent out early in the students’ first semester on campus, and if selected (and you meet minimum criteria) you are guaranteed admission into the Nursing clinical major.