Experiential Learning & Travel Awards

What is the Experiential Learning & Travel Award and who can apply for it?

The Honors College Experiential Learning & Travel Award (HC-ELTA) provides extended financial support for honors students in various honors-affiliated programs.  This award is designed to help support off-campus research and education, including attendance at academic conferences, internships, study or research abroad, and alternative break trips, among other possibilities. If you have a question about the eligibility of an experiential learning opportunity you have in mind, please contact us to discuss it.  Please see below for details on the programs through which you can apply for HC-ELTA funding.

Honors College Student Experiential Learning Award (HC-SELA)

Honors students who are not part of a Scholars & Fellows program are eligible to apply for a Student Experiential Learning Award (HC-SELA).  The Honors College offers cash awards between $100 and $500 to honors students pursuing supplemental experiential learning opportunities. HC-SELA applications will be accepted until the academic year’s fund has been exhausted.  Please see below for details on eligibility and award requirements.

Oxford Global History Program

Honors students enrolled in the HIST 4004H Global History in Oxford course are eligible to apply for up to $500 towards the associated travel costs of the program.

Scholars & Fellows Program Experiential Grants

Students belonging to one or more of our Scholars & Fellows programs (Stamps, Cherng, Show-Me, Brazeal, Cherng Summer Scholars, or National Merit) who wish to apply their experiential award towards an out-of-class experience should complete an HC-ELTA application.  If you have questions about your experiential award account balance, please email Scholars & Fellows Coordinator Ava Drayton at DraytonA@missouri.edu.  Please note that students in these programs are not eligible to apply for HC-SELA funding towards study abroad or study away experiences.


Additional Funding Sources

Students are encouraged to utilize all possible funding sources to support their out-of-class experiential learning opportunities. Below is a brief list of known sources of further/additional funding. As we do not control, advise, or select students for these opportunities, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information (which is correct at the time provided to us, but subject to change).

  1. The MU Office of Undergraduate Research offers undergraduate research travel grants for students presenting their research at professional meetings and conferences.
  2. The MU International Center provides an extensive resource list of both university and external funding opportunities for students studying abroad.
  3. The College of Arts & Science lists scholarships and awards, including those for travel, offered by various A&S Departments.
  4. The Douglas D. Randall Young Scientists Development Fund provides travel awards to undergraduate students doing life sciences research as a member of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Comparative Medicine Program, the Division of Biological Sciences, or the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.


Application Information

Click on the headings below for details and requirements of applying.

In order to be considered for HC-ELTA funding, your application must reflect the following:
  • Applicant must be in good standing as an active member of the Honors College.
  • Applications are accepted year-round but must be received by the Honors College at least two months in advance of the intended use of the funds.
  • Students applying for HC-SELA funding: please note that a student may only receive this award once per year, up to two times during their undergraduate career.


Approved funds will be only be disbursed when the following post-experience requirement has been completed. Within one week of returning from the experience, all HC-ELTA funding recipients must submit:
  • A one-page essay (400-500 words) describing how the experience has enhanced their time as an Honors College student at Mizzou
  • At least one photo from the experience that you would like to share.
Approved funds will be disbursed in one of two ways, depending on the experience:
  • If you will be receiving University of Missouri credit hours as part of the experience (i.e. on-campus courses, official study abroad programs, or internships for credit), approved funds will be credited towards your student account within a few days of application approval to be used to directly offset the costs of the program.
  • If you will not be receiving University of Missouri credit hours as part of the experience (i.e. travel to/registration for an academic conference, alternative break trips, research projects), the approved funding amount will be reimbursed to you once receipts and a completed W9 form are submitted.
  • Please note that HC-ELTA funds can only be used to reimburse approved expenses made by the student. Expenses, even those approved, that are covered by faculty members, staff, departments, or other entities are not eligible to be reimbursed.


Application Materials
The following materials will be required as part of your application submission. An application for funding will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed until all relevant documents are submitted.
  • A letter outlining the following:
    • A detailed description of the experience
    • What you expect to learn by utilizing your funding in this way
    • Why you wish to utilize your award funding for this specific opportunity
    • How utilizing your funding in this way will impact your future plans
  • Program information from the official sponsoring organization
  • A document that includes:
    • An itemized budget of your estimated expenses
    • Documentation of any other funding sources for this opportunity for which you have applied, and the status of those applications
    • A timeline of your experience.
  • Your current CV/Résumé. You must include the Honors College in the Education section and, if applicable, the Scholars & Fellows program in which you are a participant in another section of the résumé.

Depending on the experience for which you are applying for funding, certain additional documents may be required as part of your application. Please see all relevant circumstances below for details on required supplemental documents.

  • If your experience is an official MU-sponsored study abroad program (click here to search for your program if you are unsure), you will need to submit a screenshot or digital copy of your electronically-signed Risk & Release form (found in the “Signature Documents” section of your Study Abroad Program Application Page).
  • If your experience is not an official MU-sponsored study abroad program (i.e. an academic conference, research project, alternative break trip, etc.), you are required to sign up in the Student International Travel Registry, and will need to provide a screenshot or digital copy of your electronically-signed Risk & Release form (found on your Student International Travel Registry Program Application Page).
  • If your experience is an academic conference, you will need to submit:
    • A document showing confirmation of conference registration
    • A letter from your faculty mentor supporting the value of the experience for you
    • If you will be presenting at the conference, you will also need to submit a copy of your abstract, including the title and all authors.