Missouri Land Grant Honors

Honors College Need-Based Assistance

Eligible Honors College students may receive, based on Federal financial aid and institutional aid policies and rules, the Missouri Land Grant Honors financial assistance package. Given to students who are Pell-eligible and who maintain their Honors-eligibility (including the minimum required GPA, course enrollment requirements, and other rules as set forth in the MLGH Compact) this financial assistance will provide guaranteed coverage of all tuition, fees, room, and board costs to attend the University of Missouri. For more information, please click below:

Missouri Land Grant Honors Award

All initial inquiries about the Missouri Land Grant assistance and the Missouri Land Grant Honors assistance should begin with the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office by visiting the Student Financial Aid — Grants webpage. Students who receive the MLGH Award may not be eligible to receive the financial benefits of other Honors College Scholars & Fellows programs and should check with Financial Aid and Honors before making a final decision.

Receiving the MLGH Award may have federal and state tax consequences. Students are strongly encouraged to seek professional advice regarding their tax obligations. You can also contact the MU Office for Financial Success for free, confidential, and individual counseling regarding such matters by calling 573-882-2173, emailing financialsuccess@missouri.edu, or visiting http://ofsmizzou.org.