Internships, Independent Study, & Research

The Honors College offers students an opportunity to individualize their honors curriculum through a variety of options. Students can earn honors credit through an Internship (GN_HON 1080H), Independent Study (GN_HON 2085H), or Research (GN_HON 2950H or 4950H).

Honors Internships

  • This program offers students the opportunity to design an academic experience under the direction of a faculty member in conjunction with an off-campus internship. It is an opportunity to translate experiential opportunities from field work or internships into academic achievement.
  • Variable credit hours.

Honors Independent Study

  • This course offers students the opportunity to design an independent program of study on a topic of their choosing under the supervision of a faculty member. It is an enriching opportunity to pursue study of a subject or topic in more depth than would normally be available in traditional course work.
  • All work in Independent Study courses must result in a written project.
  • Variable credit hours.

Honors Research

  • Honors Research is designed to provide honors students with opportunities to earn academic credit by participating in research conducted by an MU professor. Students will receive a letter grade based on their work in the lab or field and on a written product that will demonstrate the scope and depth of the academic experience.
  • Variable credit hours.
Independent Study Guidelines & Application