About the College

Founded in 1958 as the nation’s first honors college, the MU Honors College has a current enrollment of 2,400+ students, an alumni base of over 13,000 graduates, offers nearly 200 unique courses every year, has an active faculty of 220 of MU’s most accomplished scholars, and provides over $34 million in annual endowed scholarships, grants, and aid.

The Honors College at the University of Missouri seeks to serve a diverse group of high-achieving students, with majors in nearly every discipline from Art to Engineering, so that they can excel in all facets of their education, and become engaged in an intellectual pursuit of life-long, interdisciplinary learning. We provide a rich and dynamic academic environment, fully engaged in all of the intellectual and interpersonal dimensions of a student’s life–scholarly inquiry, research, creative endeavors, and post-graduate success.


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Why MU Honors?

To provide our students with the services and engagement of a small college within the breadth of a large, pluralistic, and distinguished research institution, the Honors College has its own highly-developed curriculum and works closely with departments and colleges on campus to provide a wide range of exciting, engaging, and challenging honors courses, academic programs, and extra-curricular events and activities. We call this exciting and varied set of offerings, the “Honors Experience.”

2016-2017 Honors Presentation Cover

Small classes, an innovative curriculum, meaningful interactions with faculty, extensive research and artistry opportunities, a diverse array of co-curricular programming, a robust living-learning community, additional scholarships and support for students, leadership opportunities, and a staff dedicated to helping students excel … this is why MU’s Honors College is your advantage.

There are numerous reasons why a student should join the Honors College and why MU’s Honors College is a destination of choice for some of the nation’s most talented students:

  • Honors courses and academic programs are designed to create a dynamic, interactive environment that fosters deep intellectual development, enhanced by close interaction with dedicated faculty.
  • Co-curricular events and activities are special opportunities designed to enhance the “Honors Experience” through private seminars with distinguished speakers, site tours, study abroad programs, guest visits to graduate seminars, mentoring, partnerships, and hands-on, engaging workshops.
  • We also provide a unique living-learning experience that gives students multiple options to interact with other Honors students, faculty, and professional staff through the Honors Community.
  • Additional scholarships (above and beyond University-sponsored scholarship and aid programs) and financial support for extended learning activities, are also a hallmark of the College, in support of our students.

What kind of student belongs in the Honors College? First and foremost, students must strive for academic excellence, but being an honors student at Mizzou means more than having a high GPA. It means possessing a breadth of intellectual curiosity, taking a variety of honors courses—both in your chosen major and not—simply because you love to learn. It means aspiring to be a leader in your field, however you define “leadership.” It means believing in your own powers of creativity and imagination, whether you are in the Arts or Zoology. And it means striving to make your college experience an adventure, so that you constantly push yourself in new and unfamiliar directions.

“You must be someone who strives for academic excellence…posses a breadth of intellectual curiosity…loves to learn…aspires to be a leader…and strives to make your Mizzou experience an adventure. In all of this, Honors is your advantage.”

Students choose MU because of its Honors College, providing the first (and oldest), yet most innovative honors experiences in the nation. We focus on providing the experience that will lead you down a path of meaningful achievement and toward your future aspirations.

The College has been named one of the top fifty public Honors Colleges in the nation [J. Willingham, A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs, 2014, 2017, and 2019] and is a founding member of the Honors Education at Research Universities (HERU) group, established in 2013, for those universities in the AAU (the top sixty-two universities in the U.S. and Canada) and with Research 1 Carnegie designation, as well as the SEC Honors Group.