First in the Nation

Founded in 1958 as the nation’s first honors college, the MU Honors College has a current enrollment of 2,400+ students, an alumni base of over 13,000 graduates, offers nearly 200 unique courses every year, has an active faculty of 220 of MU’s most accomplished scholars, and provides over $34 million in annual endowed scholarships, grants, and aid. The College serves a diverse group of high-achieving students, with majors in nearly every discipline from Art to Engineering, so that they can excel in all facets of their education, and become engaged in an intellectual pursuit of life-long, interdisciplinary learning. We provide a rich and dynamic academic environment, fully engaged in all of the intellectual and interpersonal dimensions of a student’s life–scholarly inquiry, research, creative endeavors, and post-graduate success.

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Programs in the Honors College

Brazeal Scholars

The Brazeal Honors College Endowed Diversity Scholarship Fund was created in 2004 by Jim and Cathy Brazeal in order to attract and retain the best young scholars to the MU campus and Honors College.


ASH Scholars Program

The ASH Scholars Program employs the team approach of research, scholarship, design, and/or artistry, in academic areas where teams may not be the typical mode of scholarly work. It also seeks to integrate undergraduates into the on-going and long-term professional processes or research or artistry and created a model for faculty-undergraduate collaboration here at MU and throughout higher education.


Founders’ Memorial Scholars

Established in 2018 to mark our 60th anniversary as the nation’s first honors college, the Founders’ Memorial Scholars are a select group of undergraduate students chosen to work alongside the director of the College to enhance the research profile or work of the College towards its priorities, while furthering their skills and knowledge.


News and Profiles

Zoom screen shot of class

Ensuring the Story Gets Told

Honors College course on Black history in Germany one of only three such classes in the world

Mizzou classroom practicing social distancing during the pandemic.

International Flight

Mizzou Honors College offers a timely class on education environments around the world.

Congratulations December 2020 Honors College Graduates!

The home stretch might not have been how you envisioned it, but you made it! Congratulations, and good luck in all you do. M-I-Z!!!