Kristin Schwain

Kristin Schwain

Professor, Visual Studies


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Dr. Kristin Schwain’s research addresses objects, beliefs, and practices that have been overlooked or marginalized in American art history, despite their considerable influence on American life. By situating these art and artifacts within the messiness of lived experience, she takes seriously the cultural work of art and the variety of uses to which it is put.

Dr. Schwain regularly teaches an honors section of a 2000-level writing intensive (WI) course, “Introduction to Visual Culture (ARH_VS 2850HW),” which focuses on the visual practices of the long 1960s and the commonly shared media, historical associations, and cultural habits that shaped them. She teaches and lectures in sections of the Honors Humanities Sequence, Reasonable Devils & Dark Visions (Early Modern Era) and Diagnosing the Dark (Modern Era). She also serves on the Honors College Curriculum Committee, and in 2020-2021, on the Humanities Sequence Review Committee.