Michael Marlo

Michael Marlo

Associate Professor, English

220 Tate Hall

Email: marlom@missouri.edu

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Dr. Marlo has broad interests in African linguistics and Bantu languages, and has carried out extensive research on varieties of the Luyia language cluster of western Kenya and eastern Uganda. His research often focuses on tone (the use of pitch differences to distinguish words), and involves in-depth synchronic studies of individual languages as well as comparative/historical work across Bantu languages. He is involved in an ongoing collaboration with a team of researchers to develop grammatical descriptions, lexicons, and text collections for four Luyia languages: Bukusu, Logoori, Tiriki, and Wanga. With Prof. Rebecca Grollemund, he co-directs the Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities (ASH) Scholars research team Documenting Luyia Together at Mizzou. He has taught an Honors Humanities Colloquium course for the Honors College on language endangerment, and has twice offered Honors Tutorials on topics in African linguistics.

Regularly Offered Honors Courses

  • GN_HON 2120H – Extinction