Incoming Freshmen

Visit the Honors College

To meet with a representative of the Honors College, schedule a campus tour with the MU Admissions Office.

Want to observe an honors course? Contact our office ( after you schedule your visit to learn about course availability during your visit.

Eligibility Requirements

Incoming Freshmen can apply with test scores (ACT/SAT) or test optional.

The Honors College application will automatically appear on your Application Status Page once the office of admissions has reviewed your materials and you meet one of the following criteria:

  • ACT score of 31 or above
  • SAT score of 1390 or above
  • High School GPA of 3.75 or above (as recorded by Mizzou Admissions)
  • ACT score of 28-30 and a top 20% class rank (for ranking high schools)
  • SAT score of 1300-1380 and a top 20% class rank (for ranking high schools)

Students who do not meet the above criteria can request an application here. We welcome your application!

How to Apply

  1. Apply to MUYou do not need to be accepted to MU to apply to the Honors College. However, your official test scores and transcripts must be on file with MU Admissions for the application to appear on your Status Page and for our committee to review your materials.
    Note: you must have a 3.75 (or higher) GPA for the honors application to appear on your Status Page, but test scores are optional.
  2. Complete the Honors College Application via your Application Status Page. This application includes:
    1. Essay of 500-750 words that addresses ONE of the following:
      • You may use your common application essay.
      • Your resume has told us about your accomplishments and experience. Please use this space to express a characteristic or attribute that forms part of your identity that is not reflected in your resume that would help us get to know you better.
      • Use this space to write a thank you note to someone that has impacted your life. Please explain what this meant specifically to you and how you feel that will carry forward in your college career.
    2. Your Resume
  3. Optional: Premier and Research Scholarships Application (deadline: December 1st).
    To apply for all of the Premier and Research Scholarships you must submit the Stamps Scholars Application via your Application Status Page. This application includes:
    1. All components of the Honors College application.
    2. An additional essay of 500-750 words in response to the following prompt:
      • Describe a social, scientific, or artistic question/issue that you have thought deeply about and perhaps even researched. Why did it captivate you? What action did you take to learn more?
    3. Two letters of recommendation

Deadlines & Notifications

Premier & Research Scholarships Application: December 1st

Honors College Application: March 1st

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis; you will be notified of your admissions status (on your MU Status Page and via email) within 5-6 weeks after you have applied.

All admissions decisions are final. We are unable to give specific feedback regarding your application due to the volume of applications and our holistic review process.

Honors Housing & FIGs

After December 1st,  you may complete the housing preference form on your Status Page. Learn more about the Honors Learning Community and Honors Freshmen Interest Groups.