Incoming Freshmen

Applications for the class of 2022 have closed.

Steps in Applying

  1. If you haven’t already done so, visit Mizzou. When you schedule a visit through Mizzou Admissions, if you have an ACT score of 29 or above (or an SAT score of 1340 or above), indicate that you’d like to visit the Honors College while you are here. One of our Honors College Advisers (or other staff members) will be available most days of the week to meet and talk with you about the honors experience.
  2. Check our admissions requirements. (We have additional requirement information for international and home-schooled students.)
    You are eligible for direct admission to the Honors College if you satisfy any one of the following three criteria:

    1. An ACT* score of 31 (SAT score of 1390 or above) AND either a top 15% class rank OR a high school core** GPA of 3.58
    2. An ACT* score of 30 (SAT score of 1360 or above) AND either a top 10% class rank OR a high school core** GPA of 3.74
    3. An ACT* score of 29 (SAT score of 1330 or above) AND either a top 5% class rank OR a high school core** GPA of 3.91
  3. Once you have been accepted to Mizzou, complete an application.

Applications for the class of 2023 will open in late summer (2018)


Note: If your school does not report class rank, eligibility will be determined by your ACT or SAT* score AND your Core GPA or Advanced Core GPA**.

* SAT scores (Critical Reading and Math only) are converted to ACT scores by the Mizzou Admissions Office. Please note that there are, as of March 2016 and all subsequent exams, newly redesigned SAT scores that are reported.

** Core GPA is calculated by Mizzou from your official U.S. high school transcript using your grades from all English, science, social studies, and foreign language courses, all math courses Algebra I and higher, and your highest fine art grade. If you have received a grade of C or higher in any Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework, Mizzou Admissions will also calculate your Enhanced Core GPA, which gives extra weight to those courses. If your Enhanced Core GPA is higher than your Core GPA, it will be used in determining eligibility for the Honors College.