One of the keystones of our Honors College is our outstanding faculty. With more than 150 active faculty who teach both general Honors and departmental Honors courses, as well as guide independent research and artistry projects, Honors Learning-by-Contract, and Tutorials, MU’s Honors College provides a rich and robust collection of courses from some of the most engaging and innovative faculty in the U.S.

Our faculty have won numerous awards–national and international–for their teaching, are all “research active” in their own work, and many actively seek to include our undergraduates into their artistry and research. Our faculty do not confine their efforts to the classroom. Many lead international study abroad programs, domestic study away programs, and integrate unique experiences and travel into their on-campus courses as well.

Each year the College recognizes one (or more) faculty members who have made a substantial and lasting contribution to the academic and intellectual lives of our students. Nominees are solicited from students and other faculty and chosen by a selection committee based on the criteria of who best represents the mission and values of the Honors College through their teaching, outreach, collaboration, and engagement.

Students who wish to nominate an Honors faculty member for the Outstanding Honors College Faculty Award can click below to complete a nomination form.

Outstanding Faculty Award Nomination

2018     Dr. Candace Korasick, Sociology
2017     Dr. David Setzer, Biological Sciences
2016     Ms. Anne Thompson, Art and School of Journalism
2015     Dr. Wayne Anderson, Psychology and Dr. Theodore Koditschek, History
2014     Dr. Loren A. Nikolai, Accountancy
2013     Dr. Christopher D. Hardin, Nutritional Sciences
2012     Dr. Brian Brooks, School of Journalism

You can read more about our recent winners by visiting our Outstanding Honors College Faculty Award Recipients page. Beginning in 2016, the recognition also provides the faculty member with a plaque and a travel grant.

The Honors College initiated having distinct faculty in the mid-2000s, formalizing this in 2018.
Dr. J.D. Bowers
Teaching Professor
210 Lowry Hall
(573) 882-3893
Dr. Rachel Harper
Assistant Teaching Professor
210 Lowry Hall
(573) 882-3893
Dr. Juan Wang
Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
146 Arts and Science Building
(573) 882-9286


Honors College University Faculty

Our faculty are in almost every department and in every college and school on MU’s campus. Those who are currently actively teaching for the College include the following:

A   John Adams; Bill Allen; David Amponsah; Catherine Armbrust

B    Robert Bailey; Mamadou Badiane; Nicholas Baima; Michael Barnes; Jenelle Beavers; Toby Beeny; Collin Beineke; John Bennett; Cheryl Black; Peter Bloch; Jennifer Bohanek; Bill Bondeson; Robert Boon; J.D. Bowers; Frank Bowman; Kristina Bradley; Jo Britt-Rankin; Elisabeth Broaddus; Margaret Bryan; Sarah Buchanan; John Bullion; Suzanne Burgoyne

C    Mark Carroll; Paul Chan; Elizabeth Chang; Rita Cavigioli; Grace Choi; Robin Clay; Signe Cohen; Cristin Compton; Carli Conklin

D    William Dawson; Autumn Dolan; Jay Dow; Carrie Duncan; Justin Dyer

E    Keona Ervin

F    Monika Fischer; Kathryn Fishman-Weaver; John Flanagan; William Folk; Gregory Foster; Roy Fox; Jerry Frank; Sean Franzel; Lynnea Frey; Shari Freyermuth; Gabriel Fried; John Frymire

G    Rodney Geisert; Susan Geisert; Scott Gerlt; Maya Gibson; Molly Greenwood; Rabia Gregory; Ingolf Gruen; Cathy Gunther; Sean Gurd

H    Ryan Habermeyer; Aycan Hacioglu; Sam Halabi; Marcus Hamilton; Aaron Harms; Rachel Harper; Andrea Heiss; Dawn Heston; Nathan Hofer; Janice Hoffman; Darcy Holtgrave; Michael Horton; Beverly Horvit; Martina Hoyt-Vail; Fraser (Berkeley) Hudson; Sarah Humfeld; Lois Huneycut; Douglas Hurt

I    Melanie Irish

J    Marilyn James-Kracke; Christopher Josey; Jennifer Julian

K    Jacquelyn Kay; Charles Keene; Steve Keller; Dennis Kelly; Martha Kelly; William Kerwin; Laura King; Christina King; Candace Korasick; Darcy Krasne

L   William Lamberson; Thomas Lambert; Timothy Langen; Braden Leap; Christopher Lee; Paul Litton; Emma Lipton; Warren Lockette

M   Carolyn Mack; Melissa Maras; Sherry Mariea; Peter Markie; Michael Marlo; Alison Martin; Bruce McClure; Lornaida McCune; Roxanne McDaniel; Robert McDaniel; Jacob McFarland; Victor McFarland; Kara McGhee; Mitchell McKinney; Andrew Melnyk; Carlos Mendez; Donald Meyer; William Meyers; Mark Milanick; Jeffrey Milyo; Neil Minturn; Nicole Monnier; Skye Montgomery; Carlo Morpurgo

N   Rachel Navarro; Etti Naveh-Benjamin; Leigh Neier; Glenda Nickell; Loren Nikolai

O   Robert O’Connell; Lawrence Okamura; Pat Okker; Richard Oliver; Carolyn Orbann; Marvin Overby

P   Craig Palmer; William Palmer; Karthik Panchanathan; Kirsten Pape; Julia Parcell; Timothy Parshall; Jennie Pardoe; Benjamin Park; Catherine Peterson; Thomas Phillips; Maria Pietropaolo

R   Srinivasan Raghavan; Marcus Rautman; Linda Reeder; Hannah Reeves; Philip Robbins; Anna Romero; Amanda Rose; Leah Rosenberg; Luanne Roth

S   Hani Salim; Harlow Sandy Sanders; Jacquelyn Sandone; Gordon Sauer; David Schenker; Olaf Schmidt; David Schulz; Pablo Serna; Justin Shows; Shivendra Shukla; Donald Sievert; Amy Simons; David Singh; Daniel Sipe; Gary Smith; Mark Smith; Pamela Smith; Penny Smith-Paris; Alexandra Socarides; Donald Spiers; Ann Stanton; Mary Ann Stegmaier; Jonathan Stemmle; Bethany Stone; Trista Strauch

T   Roberta Tabanelli; Ted Tarkow; Janessa Toro; Dennis Trout

U   Sherri Ulbrich

V    Ashley Vancil-Leap

W   Timothy Waid; Justin Walensky; Paul Wallace; Barbara Wallach; Juan Wang; Nicholas Watanabe; Steven Watts; Patrick Westhoff; Annice Wetzel; Jarrett Whistance; Steve Whitney; Charles Wiedmeyer; Don Willis; Kristy Wilson-Bowers; Ian Worthington; John Wright

Y   Cassandra Yacovazzi; Michael Yonan

    Z   Qi Zhang

We apologize if we have missed anyone (this is always a list in progress). Please contact us at mizzouhonors@missouri.edu to add your name.