Geek Week 2023: Let the Magic Begin!

A weeklong tradition of celebrating University of Missouri Honors College students, as well as the entire Honors community, Geek Week enters its ninth year with a variety of “geeky” events and activities. This year’s theme is Magic, and programming will run from Monday, Sept. 18, to Saturday, Sept. 23. All Mizzou students are invited to participate.

“Picking the theme, coming up with ideas and turning everything into a reality is truly a group effort,” said Bailey Stover, a senior journalism and romance languages (Spanish) double major who is also an executive member of the Honors College Programming Board. “Because Geek Week is our largest event, we dedicated a lot of our time during the spring meetings proposing theme ideas, coming up with potential activities and, eventually, voting on the final theme. For each theme proposed, we’d discuss the pros and cons and ‘Magic’ was the top choice.”

Geek Week is one of many programs led by the Honors Programming Board, a student group responsible for planning social, academic, service and professional development events for Honors students. Along with Geek Week, the group helps plan the Honors College’s involvement in Homecoming each year, as well as several other fun involvement opportunities.

Geek Week features a variety of fun activities, including a board game night, trivia and an opportunity to solve a murder mystery.

Each activity during this year’s Geek Week has a “magical” focus, including three new faculty-led presentations. Sebastián Martínez Valdivia, an assistant professor in the MU School of Journalism, will head a Magic the Gathering session on Monday, Sept. 18. The next day, Signe Cohen, an associate professor of religious studies, will lead a discussion on Harry Potter, religion and magic. On Friday, Sept. 22, Steve Keller, an associate professor of chemistry, will conduct a chemistry demonstration.

“I really enjoyed working out the details – which speakers we would have, what snacks we’ll provide, the different games and crafts we’ll host – and feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride when an idea becomes reality,” Stover said. “It’s a really great time from start to finish!”

Other events include a magical board game night, magical Legos, a magical murder mystery and magical trivia. Students will also have an opportunity tour the Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building and visit Laws Observatory. On Saturday, Sept. 23, students are welcome to attend the Mid-Missouri PrideFest at Rose Music Hall.

Each event that a student attends enters them into a drawing for three prizes. The prizes will be revealed at the beginning of Geek Week and the winners will be announced on Monday, Sept. 25.

“Willow Amann and I are both extremely excited to see everyone enjoy themselves during Geek Week!” Bailey said. Amann, a junior social work major, is also an executive member of the Programming Board. “We have a great slate of activities and speakers from a wide range of disciplines scheduled throughout the week. Whether you want to enrich your understanding of magic-related topics, play board games, solve a ‘murder’ or test your knowledge through trivia, we’ve got something for everyone.”

Below is a full schedule of events. Visit MU Engage to learn more.

Monday, Sept. 18

  • Magic the Gathering with Professor Martinez: 12-1 p.m., 210 Middlebush Hall
  • Magical Board Game Night: 6-8 p.m., 215 Tate Hall

Tuesday, Sept. 19

  • Harry Potter, Religion and Magic with Dr. Cohen: 12-1 p.m., 209 Lowry Hall
  • NextGen Tour – Magic and Science: 2-2:45 p.m., Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building entrance off Hospital Drive

Wednesday, Sept. 20

  • Magical Legos at Lowry: 11 a.m.—2 p.m., 210 Lowry Hall
  • Magical Murder Mystery: 7-9 p.m., Memorial N103 Stotler

Thursday, Sept. 21

  • Magical Crafternoon: 3-5 p.m., location TBA
  • Laws Observatory – The Magic of Astronomy: 8-10 p.m., Astronomy & Physics Building

Friday, Sept. 22

  • Chemistry Demonstration with Dr. Keller: 1-2 p.m., 103 Schlundt Hall
  • Magical Trivia: 6-8 p.m., The Shack

Saturday, Sept. 23

  • Mid-Missouri PrideFest: 12-7 p.m., Rose Music Hall (Meet outside Lowry Hall at noon to walk downtown with fellow Honors students)