Opportunity in Denim: Science Major Pursues Fashion Research at Mizzou

For many undergraduate students, research is the last thing on their minds. Fortunately, that isn’t the reality for most research opportunities at MU. In fact, many students spend their time reading about the things they love. 

Meet the 2022 Stamps Scholars

The University of Missouri is a proud partner in the Stamps Scholars Program. The MU Honors College joined the Stamps Scholars Program in 2016, and the ongoing relationship has had a lasting and positive impact on our campus and honors communities. Stamps Scholars have unique opportunities, including a dedicated mentor, contact with campus leadership, alumni networking, funding for study abroad, and a connection to other Stamps Scholars programs.

Alexa Henry: Lifelong Learner and Teacher

No matter where Brazeal Scholar Alexa Henry’s future takes her, if her past is any indication, she will end up helping people. Whether it was teaching swimming, math, and engineering, or directing her future career to mending the environment, Henry has always found a way to support people along her path.

Geek Week 2022: A Blast From the Past

Geek Week is an annual event held by the Honors College that brings free events to the honors community to help them meet other students and get the most out of honors. This year's celebration, "Geek Week Through the Decades," introduced new elements to the tradition, including an 80s Murder Mystery Dinner and a Tie-Dye event for honors students.

A Poet’s Life Examined: How One Professor Has Revitalized Emily Dickinson

In Alexandra Socarides’ honors tutorial course, “Emily Dickinson: On the Page and the Screen,” students delve into the life of a literary icon through a recent television series, “Dickinson.”

An Adventure Abroad: Honors Students Serve Migrants in Athens

This past summer, MU educational psychology professor Stephen Whitney offered the Honors College’s first trip to Athens, Greece that expressly focused on serving refugees. Ten students took an eight-week course in the spring on how to work with vulnerable populations and then spent six weeks in Greece teaching English to refugee children from both Ukraine and the Middle East.  

Meet the First STEM Faculty Fellow

Dr. Pam Brown Appointed Faculty Fellow, Develops CURE for Antibiotic Resistance

Mizzou Honors Student receives Department of Defense SMART scholarship

University of Missouri sophomore Graham Bond, a mechanical engineering major from Jefferson City, Missouri, was recently awarded the Department of Defense (DoD) funded Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) scholarship.

A Contemporary Icarus

Ancient Greece is meeting Missouri in a new chamber opera by Honors music student Morima Yerby. As a part of the Honors Learning By Contract program, Yerby has undertaken adapting and subverting the story of Icarus in a pop-opera.

Feeling Connected with Honors College Ambassadors

Finding your place at the University of Missouri can be a challenge. With nearly 30,000 students and 2,000 faculty, That disconnected feeling is exactly what motivates honors students to apply for a position within the Honors College as an Honors Ambassador, who try to ensure that students find a home within the larger university