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Honors Tutorial Takes Over KBIA’s Views of the News

Five students from the Honors College participated in a 16-week tutorial under the direction of Missouri School of Journalism professor Amy Simons on media criticism during the Fall 2017 term. For their final project, the students produced and hosted their own special edition of KBIA-FM's program, "Views of the News."

Sweet Research

Through the Stamps Scholars Program, freshman Toyin Jackson conducts undergraduate research with Alan McClure, founder of Patric Chocolate and doctoral student in the Department of Food Science.

Raised a Tiger

Brazeal Scholar Olivia Flagg-Bourke's first time in a Mizzou classroom came when she was just a few days old.

Caitlin Kelleher – October & November 2017

Hello! Well, it has been three months here at Mizzou and now it is time to head back to New Jersey for Thanksgiving break. I have made lots of new friends and have attended several different types of clubs and organizations since I last updated you, as I am searching for the activities that suit…

Toyin Jackson – October & November 2017

Hello! So we’re approaching the end of my first semester at Mizzou and a lot has changed since I started. I’m less homesick but am still struggling slightly with transitioning to my new life here but it’ll get better with time. Football season is over (not complaining) and basketball season is upon us! I went…

Anna Merkel – October & November 2017

October was such a busy month for me! With clubs, events, and meetings all on top of school work, my days have been full (but still fun!). The biggest events to happen this month were Homecoming and Halloween, but I had some spectacular opportunities other than those as well. Although Homecoming was near the end…

Andrew & Peggy Cherng Inducted Into Mizzou Homecoming Hall of Fame

The MU campus gathered Friday, October 20, to honor the 2017 Class of the Mizzou Homecoming Hall of Fame.

Geek Out

The Honors College celebrated its third annual Geek Week Sept. 18-23, complete with trivia, games, crafts and more. This year, Geek Week broke its previous attendance record, as programming reached 160 total students. The week saw 223 event sign-ins, indicating that many students attended more than one event.

Guidance for Aspiring Doctors

The number of Mizzou students admitted to medical and dental schools is well above the national average, due in part to the support student receive from MU’s MedOpp Advising Office.

In the News

By day, senior Tyler Emery is a typical college student; she attends class, participates in extracurricular activities and spends time with her friends. By night, she is a professional news anchor for Columbia’s NBC affiliate, KOMU. On weekday evenings, Emery’s face appears on television sets across mid-Missouri as she broadcasts the news live to 40,000 viewers in 15 counties.