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February 11 kicks off Stamps Weekend at MU!

Let's take a look back at the 2021 Cohort Since 2016, the University of Missouri’s Honors College has welcomed a select group of students into the prestigious Stamps Scholars program. In 2021, the Honors College admitted five students to the program: Emma McDougal, Cape Girardeau, MO, Chemical Engineering.Harmon Colvett, Memphis, TN, Biomedical Engineering.Olivia Gyapong, Silver…

‘Four Millennia of Fermentation’ Honors Students explore the history of beermaking

“Beer has helped shape humanity,” Watson says. “We wouldn’t be the same without it.”

MU Honors Fall 2021 Blatchford Recipient

Mio Dykstra didn’t expect to become a Blatchford Scholar. “I originally applied to Brooks. Someone reached out to me and sent me an email about Blatchford,” Dykstra says. “I’m glad I kind of stumbled into that. I never thought I would be here doing this.” Dykstra, who originally comes from Oklahoma, is a member of…

The Truth about Climate and the Honors Tutorials

Based on the “Oxford style” of teaching, Honors Tutorials are comprised of three to five students who delve deeply into a topic with an MU faculty member. The size of the class creates unique opportunities for dialogue and understanding that aren't possible in a larger setting. Faculty member Dr. Steve Keller is currently teaching a…

Celebrating First Gen Honors Students at Mizzou

National First-Generation College Celebration is November 8th. This day honors first-generation college students and celebrates their accomplishments. At Mizzou, there is a thriving cohort of first-generation students. Eli Rojas, junior philosophy and interdisciplinary studies major, is one of those students. Rojas came to Mizzou in 2019 following a gap year after high school. During the…

A Family Tradition

In June of 1993, just before his junior year of high school, my dad, Chad Ennis, participated in Missouri Scholars Academy at the University of Missouri. That experience represented his first introduction to higher education. It was there that he met Dr. Ted Tarkow, who coincidentally enough, would also become one of my professors at…

Meet the Director

This year the Honors College welcomes a new director, Dr. Catherine Rymph! Click the link below to meet Dr. Rymph and hear her introduce herself and talk about her new role in the Honors College! Welcome, Dr. Rymph!

2021 Stamps Day of Service

Stamps Scholars volunteer at the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri and Cleanup Columbia

A Passion for Learning

Learning Center tutor August Hemmerla is one of nine Cherng Summer Scholarship recipients from the MU Honors College.

Headed for the Big Leagues

Sister, researcher and sports enthusiast wins the Outstanding Discovery Fellow award as a freshman.