Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Trower

Elizabeth Trower Senior Spotlight graphic

Participants in the Missouri Scholars Academy (MSA) select one major course of study from four broad academic categories – mathematics, science, social studies and humanities. During Elizabeth Trower’s stint as a Scholar, she was placed in a journalism major class. The experience was a transformative one.

Not only did Trower realize she had a passion for journalism, but she was also able to get a closer look at the University of Missouri campus. Those two factors played a massive role when Trower was making her college decision.

“I had always loved Mizzou but one of the big reasons I came here was because of my experience at the Missouri Scholars Academy,” Trower said. “I fell in love with journalism during my three weeks with MSA. It wasn’t a path I had ever considered, but I’m so glad I was exposed to the field.

“Coming from a small town, family and community is really big for me, and I definitely felt that at MU, too. I could see myself here and decided this was the place to be.”

As Trower prepares for graduation, she has made the most of her time as a Tiger. Trower, who will earn a journalism degree, with an emphasis in strategic communication, has gained vital hands-on learning experiences through internships and nonprofit work. She has also helped recruit future Tigers as a member of the Mizzou Tour Team and stayed active in the Honors College. Trower also served as the campus-wide chair for the Campus Activities Programming Board where she had the opportunity to foster student interaction through exciting events.

Elizabeth Trower
Trower was a Mizzou ’39 recipient earlier this semester. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Trower.

Those efforts led to Trower being a Mizzou ’39 recipient earlier this semester.

“I love Mizzou,” said Trower, who is from Perry, Missouri. “This university meets every student where they’re at. If you have big goals and dreams, MU is going to help you achieve them. There is truly a spot for everyone. Mizzou shaped me into the person I am today.”

Trower was able to showcase how MU supports its students through an internship with the Office of Undergraduate Studies. While her primary task was to create informational videos for all the college’s academic units, she also got a behind-the-scenes look at a variety of communication efforts.

“This internship was incredible,” Trower said. “I was able to learn so much about the entire communication process. That was something I had read plenty about, but it was really cool to experience and have a say in it. The work really helped me grasp what I was learning and allowed me to develop my skills. Plus, I made amazing connections across campus.”

As a tour guide, Trower was able to share her passion for Mizzou with prospective students. She was also able to discuss the many great opportunities offered through the Honors College.

“I tell every student on my tour that if the Honors College is something they’re considering, they should definitely do it,” Trower said. “Being in Honors has been one of the highlights of my Mizzou experience and one of the best decisions I could have made.”

Trower credited the smaller Honors class sizes for helping her dive a bit deeper into certain subjects. She also was able to find great faculty mentors who continue to support her in numerous ways. For example, during her first semester at MU Trower was enrolled in an Honors section of a Spanish course. Trower had never taken a Spanish class before and taking it through Honors allowed her to work closer with her professor.

“A lot of my mentors have come through Honors because you’re able to form that close-knit relationship a bit easier,” Trower said. “My professors have been so patient and have provided amazing guidance. It’s just been a great experience.”

While Trower will officially earn her bachelor’s degree in May, she will return to campus in the fall to finish her master’s degree. She is part of the accelerated master’s program offered through the School of Journalism.

“This program has been such a blessing,” Trower said. “It’s structured so well and really caters to your interests. I’m very excited to be able to stay in the School of Journalism for another year. I have so many great memories in the classroom, and it will be exciting to be back on campus for a bit longer.”