Honors Committees

The Honors College is led by a team of professional administrators and faculty committees. Together they guide the College through its strategic planning, program development, and implementation. The College’s administration team serves in multiple roles, while the faculty committees help determine the policies and practices and ensure that the interdisciplinary mission of the College is upheld through their representations and campus-wide interests.

Honors Council (HCHC)

The Honors College Honors Committee (HCHC) is made up of one or two faculty from every undergraduate college on campus who serve for three-year, renewable terms.

For 2020-21, the committee members (and term expiration dates) are:

CAFNR     Shari Freyermuth, Biochemistry (co-chair, 2021)  |  Pat Market, Meterology (2023)

Arts & Science     Christopher Josey, Communications (2023)  |  Jennifer Bohanek, Psychology (2023)

Trulaske College of Business     Sherry Mariea, Management (2021)

Education     Stephen Whitney, ESCP (2023)

Engineering     Roger Fales, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (2020)

Human and Environmental Sciences     VACANT

Health Professions      Carolyn Orbann, Health Sciences (2023)

Missouri School of Journalism     Ronald Kelley (2023) |  Jeannette Porter (2021)

Sinclair School of Nursing     Sherri Ulbrich (2021)

At-Large     Juan Wang, Honors College (2021)  and  VACANT

Honors College     J.D. Bowers, Honors College (co-chair, Standing) | Rachel Harper, Honors College (Standing)

Students    Abby Blenk, Digital Storytelling (Sophomore, 2023)  |  Lane Cargile, Political Science (Sophomore, 2023)

Ex Officio    Jim Spain, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies (Standing) |  Megan Boyer, Honors College (Standing)


Honors Curriculum Committee (HCCC)

The Honors College Curriculum Committee is made up of active Honors faculty who serve for three-year, renewable terms.

For 2020-2021, the committee members (and term expiration dates) are:

Chair    Sherry Mariea, Business (2023)

Members  Shari Freyermuth, Biochemistry (2023) | Andrew Melnyk, Philosophy (2023) | Carolyn Orbann, Health Sciences (2021) |  Reginald Rogers, Engineering (2023) | Jennifer Rowe, Journalism (2021) | Kristin Schwain, School of Visual Studies (2020) | Tommy Sewell, Chemistry (2023)  |  Rachel Harper, Honors (standing) | J.D. Bowers, Honors (standing) | Megan Boyer, Honors (2021).

Student     Avery Esquivel (Early Childhood Education, Senior, 2021)


Honors Communications Committee (HCom)

The Honors College Communications Committee (HCom) is made up of active Honors faculty and staff who serve one-year renewable terms.  For 2020-21, the committee members are:

Co-Chairs     J.D. Bowers, Honors | Marcus Wilkins, VPUGS Communications

Members    Ashley Dorf, (Journalism and Honors Communications Intern), Margaret Courtney, MJ Montgomery, Maren Stephens.


Honors Scholars & Fellows Committee

The Honors Scholars & Fellows Committee is made up of active Honors faculty and staff who serve multi-year terms in guiding the programmatic philosophy, practices, and outcomes of our growing number of research and artistry cohorts:

Co-Chairs     Ava Drayton, Honors College | TBD


STEM: Steve Keller, Chemistry | Charlotte Phillips, Biochemistry | VACANT

ASH: JD Bowers, Honors College | Steven Whitney, Education | Ryan Thomas, Journalism