Study Abroad

Up to 6 hours of study abroad credit can be used toward the Honors Certificate. These 6 credit hours are not required to be honors courses.

Students must achieve a minimum letter grade of “B” or higher in graded courses or a “S” in satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) courses to receive honors credit. Study abroad programs must be completed prior to graduation.

Submission of this form should be completed prior to the start of the semester in which you will study abroad.

If course registration for your program takes place after the semester begins, please submit the form to the best of your knowledge.

If you were unable to submit this form due to extenuating circumstances, please reach out to an Honors College advisor.

Study Abroad Credit Application

Study Abroad Info & Scholarship Opportunities

Honors College Study Abroad Programs

The Honors College provides unique and exclusive study abroad programs for our students, designed with a customized curriculum and cutting-edge experiential learning opportunities through partnerships with global institutions. Our programs are not “trips,” rather, they are fully articulated and intensive programs of study that put students square in the middle of the issues and content. These programs immerse our students in the challenges of understanding the world from a different culture and perspective.

Athens, Greece: Spend six weeks in the capital of Greece working alongside partner and nongovernmental organization, the Home Project. Students in the program will expand their knowledge of Greek culture and history while helping refugee children learn English. Led by Dr. Stephen Whitney, the program focuses on learning and teaching experiences that provide much needed skills to a vulnerable population. This study abroad program requires an on-campus component (GN_HON 1050H, 1 credit hour). During the six weeks abroad, students will receive 5 credit hours (GN_HON 4070H). More information can be found on the Study Abroad webpage.

Read about the Working with Vulnerable Populations experience.