Building a Community

Bryson Ferguson, a senior business administration major, was part of the 2020 Stamps Scholars cohort and was specifically named a Patterson-Green Collegian.

Like his peers across the country, Bryson Ferguson received a variety of college materials through the mail during his senior year of high school. One of those pieces made a major impression on him – a postcard from the University of Missouri.

“I remember getting this piece of mail covered in black and gold and thought it was really interesting,” Ferguson said. “Mizzou became the first school I actually applied to. Once I dug in and learned about the opportunities that would be available to me, I knew I had made a great choice. MU has given me the opportunity to really tailor my college experience with a focus on my interests.”

Among the numerous programs that Ferguson was intrigued by, the Stamps Scholarship stood out to him most. One of MU’s premier programs, Stamps Scholars receive a four-year, full scholarship plus an additional $16,000 enrichment fund to be used by the students to enhance their studies and academic pursuits. As part of the scholarship, students are also enrolled in the Honors College for all four years, working toward completion of the Honors Certificate. Mizzou joined the Stamps Scholars Program in 2016.

Ferguson pictured with the 2022-23 Legion of Black Collegians executive cabinet. He served as president during the past academic year.

Ferguson was part of the 2020 Stamps Scholars cohort and was specifically named a Patterson-Green Collegian.

“Stamps is one of the biggest reasons why I’m at Mizzou,” said Ferguson, who is from the Dallas, Texas area. “I came to campus in the middle of the pandemic, so I was in a new state and a new environment looking for ways to make connections. As a Stamps Scholar, I was able to build this great community of fellow recipients and we bonded right away. During a time where it was tough to meet people, this program was vital to my early college experience. The community I soon built was unmatched.”

As a Stamps Scholar, Ferguson has had several unique opportunities while at MU, including a dedicated mentor, contact with campus leadership and an opportunity to network with alumni. He has also taken advantage of being part of the Honors College.

“Like with Stamps, the community within the Honors College is incredible,” Ferguson said. “The professors I have been able to interact with are fantastic, and it’s been fun to be in those smaller classes where I get to have more in-depth discussions with my peers. Having the opportunity to sign up for classes early has been nice, too, and really helped my college experience. I know that I can craft a schedule that works best for me and take on those experiences that will best support my education.”

Ferguson, a senior business administration major, has been very involved in other organizations across campus, including the Cornell Leadership Program, offered through the Mizzou Trulaske College of Business. Ferguson just finished serving as president of the Legion of Black Collegians and is transitioning into the president role of the Mystical Seven, one of MU’s secret societies. He serves on the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board and was part of the Mizzou Black Men’s Initiative.

Ferguson has been incredibly involved during his time at Mizzou, including as a member of the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board.

“The Legion of Black Collegians has provided me a home on campus,” Ferguson said. “Some of my best friends have been made through that organization, and it’s been a very important way for me to serve and advocate for my community. It’s also been fun to bring the community together through various events, and it’s been rewarding to be part of the team. I’m excited to see how our team continues to grow.”

The business administration degree program has been a perfect fit for Ferguson, as it has allowed him to get hands-on learning experiences in a variety of fields. He participated in a few research projects early in his collegiate career and has an internship with the Boston Consulting Group lined up this summer back in Texas.

“There are just so many opportunities in business,” Ferguson said. “I come from a business family, and we each have our own focus area. I’ve really enjoyed exploring the different career paths that will be available to me.”

As Ferguson prepares for his final year as a Tiger, he said he is focused on finishing strong. He is also looking at potential study abroad opportunities, too. The Stamps Scholarship Program offers funding for those type of experiences.

“I’ve been looking for the perfect fit and finding the right time to go, and I’m hoping to be able to experience another culture during the next academic year,” Ferguson said. “Really, I’m hoping to make the most out of my final semesters. I also want to continue to pour into the people around me. I’m really excited.”