Making a Positive Impact on Education

With an affection for education, Macy Monical plans to spend her time at the University of Missouri gaining valuable insights into ways she can help others get the most out of their education.

Monical will be majoring in educational studies when she begins at Mizzou in the fall, as she is interested in making a positive impact on education with a career outside of the traditional classroom setting.

“It’s a really big passion of mine to improve education and help others,” said Monical, who is from Park Ridge, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. “While there are multiple ways to go about that, I’m interested in the curriculum and policy side. I’m excited to get involved in the educational studies degree program, as it really prepares students to pursue careers in a variety of educational areas.”

Monical’s passion for education came from her father, who served as an educator for several years. In their discussions, Monical quickly learned that there many educational needs across different spectrums. That interest led her to develop her own podcast, where she would invite local educational leaders in her community to discuss numerous topics.

“It’s vital that we put resources into education,” Monical said. “My dad’s experiences really rubbed off on me and made me realize that I wanted to do all I can to help our professionals who are in the classroom.”

While Monical is excited to have the resources that her degree program will offer her, she will also have multiple avenues to expand on her interests as a Stamps Scholar. Mizzou has partnered with the Stamps Scholars Program since 2016 on a premier scholarship for incoming Tigers. Scholars receive a full four-year scholarship, covering up to the total estimated cost of attendance, plus an additional $16,000 enrichment fund for them to use throughout their time at MU.

Monical is one of eight Stamps Scholars who will be at Mizzou this fall.

“It was amazing to get the call that I was going to be a Stamps Scholar,” Monical said. “I’m in theater, and I actually got the call during one of our rehearsals. I had to step out to take it, and it was so exciting to share the great news with all my friends. It was the best feeling in the world.”

Stamps Scholars must be enrolled in the Honors College for all four years, working toward the completion of the Honors certificate. Scholars have a dedicated mentor, contact with campus leadership, alumni networking opportunities and funding for study abroad, too.

“It’s great to know that I already have a community of supporters through the Honors College,” Monical said. “I know that I will be able to depend on the faculty and staff in the College and that they will be there for me. I’m also excited to be part of this outstanding Stamps cohort. It’s going to be rewarding to be able to grow alongside them over the next four year, and I hope we are able to create a lasting community.”

Monical’s mother played a major role in her applying for the scholarship. Her mom was actually the one who encouraged Monical to tour Mizzou in the first place.

“My mom had heard great things about the MU campus, and as we were exploring colleges during my junior year, she made sure we stopped in Columbia,” Monical said. “It was during my tour that I heard about Stamps. As I started to do more research and took a deeper dive into all that Mizzou offers, I knew this was the place for me. I love the history and tradition that is here, as well as the opportunities for growth.”

Stamps Scholars also have the opportunity to conduct research while at Mizzou. Monical said she is looking forward to that, as well as getting involved in the many clubs and organizations that MU offers.

“I’m extremely excited,” Monical said. “Being able to expand on my interests with the great resources at Mizzou is going to be incredible. I’m also excited to get involved. There are several leadership, policy and advocacy groups that I’ll be looking at.”