Honors Committees

The Honors College is led by a team of professional administrators and faculty committees. Together they guide the College through its strategic planning, program development, and program implementation. The College’s administration team serves in multiple roles, while the faculty committees help determine policies and practices that uphold the interdisciplinary mission of the College through diverse representation and campus-wide interests.

Honors Curriculum Committee

The Honors College Curriculum Committee is made up of active Honors faculty who serve for three-year, renewable terms.

For 2023-24, the committee members (and term expiration dates) are:

Members  Valerie Bader, Nursing | Elise Bartley, Accounting | Billy Coleman, Kinder Institute | Shari Freyermuth, Biochemistry | Andrew Melnyk, Philosophy Ellen Moore, Chemistry |Avery Rayle, Student Representative | Reginald Rogers, Engineering | Jennifer Rowe, Journalism| Kristin Schwain, School of Visual Studies | Sherri Ulbrich, Nursing | Dane Walker, Student Representative | Rachel Harper, Honors | Catherine Rymph, Honors | Megan Boyer, Honors

Honors Communications Committee

The Honors College Communications Committee is made up of active honors faculty and staff who serve one-year renewable terms.  For 2023-24, the committee members are:

Co-Chairs     Catherine Rymph, Honors

Members    Margaret Courtney, Journalism | MJ Montgomery, Journalism | Sam Ennis, Journalism | Olivia Anderson, Journalism & Anthropology | Dany Fischer, Journalism