Study Abroad for Honors

Up to six hours of study abroad credit may be considered as honors credit for Honors College students. Students must achieve a minimum letter grade of “B” or higher to receive honors credit. Study abroad programs must be completed while the students are enrolled at MU.

Requests to use study abroad courses for honors credit must be approved by the Honors College director prior to the start of the study abroad program. Submission of this form must be completed no later than the dates given below, prior to start of the MU semester in which you will study abroad; exceptions will not be granted or approved:

    • Spring Semesters: December 10th
    • Summer Semesters (including programs run in May and August): April 10th
    • Fall Semesters: July 10th
    • Winter Semesters (including programs run in December and January): October 10th

If you have a program where registration for courses is later than these deadlines, you must still submit the form for preliminary approval.

The below form must be filled out in its entirety. Incomplete requests will not be reviewed or approved.

Study Abroad Credit Application