ASH Scholars

The Honors College and the Office of Undergraduate Research jointly support teams of undergraduate research students in the arts, social sciences, or humanities (ASH) disciplines, who collaboratively work as members of a faculty-led research or design team.

Each ASH Scholars program consists of eight to 12 students who work closely with a faculty team on an established research project. ASH Scholars are awarded a scholarship of $3,000 for the year. There are five current ASH Projects:

  • Art of Death (Visual Studies) – Students on the Art of Death team will examine death, dying and grief within a culture via interdisciplinary research. This interdisciplinary project explores alternative memorials and engages students in the research and artistic creation of site-based memorials using projection mapping, photovoice, and virtual reality.
  • Close Relationships (Psychological Sciences) – This project focuses on parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, friendships and romantic relationships during adolescence, as well as relationship challenges that are important for positive youth and relational outcomes. This project provides students with relevant training, research experiences, and opportunities for authorship on conference presentations.
  • Collaborative Research in African Linguistics (CORAL) (Linguistics & English) – Students on the CORAL team will gain hands-on experience conducting professional research in linguistics, working closely with dedicated faculty mentors. The CORAL team conducts original research in African historical linguistics and on the Luyia and Meru language clusters of Kenya.
  • Media, Representation, and Identity Lab (Communication) – This lab investigates how media represent identity in a variety of outlets. Members will archive and analyze stories located within minority-focused news outlets. Others will examine the impact of these portrayals on social groups while examining the choices media producers make when constructing content.
  • Kinder Public History Team (History and Kinder Institute) This project explores the variety of ways in which the United States’ 250th anniversary is being commemorated at home and abroad and how our current experiences compare with the American experience of previous milestones in history of our democracy.
How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, log into ScholarshipUniverse using your MU assigned username and password and search “ASH Scholarship”.

Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year will be open in summer 2024 and are due by Wednesday, July 31.