Stamps Scholars

MU’s Premier Scholars Program


The University of Missouri is a proud partner in the Stamps Scholars program, sponsored by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. Joining with the Stamps Scholars Program in 2016, the ongoing relationship will have a lasting and positive impact on our campus and Honors community.

Toyin JacksonEach year we accept applications from the top students around the country for one of our five available spaces in the cohort.

Stamps Scholars at the University of Missouri receive a four-year, full scholarship (covering up to the total estimated cost of attendance), plus an additional $16,000 academic and leadership development fund to be used over a Scholar’s four years to enhance their intellectual, critical-thinking, engagement, and leadership skills development.

Mizzou Stamps Scholars will also enroll in the Honors College for all four years, working toward completion of the Honors Certificate and participating in the rigorous yet rewarding, academic and co-curricular programming of the College and University.

From day one in the classroom, Stamps Scholars will participate in research and artistry opportunities aligned with our other Scholars & Fellows Programs. These opportunities include one-on-one faculty guided research, artistry planning, design, and performance, and the presentation of their scholarship to campus, community, and public audiences. Stamps Scholars will also have unique opportunities, including a dedicated mentor, extensive and extended site visits, alumni networking, several opportunities for travel-study experiences (both abroad and away), and attendance at the bi-annual Stamps Scholars National Convention in Atlanta, GA.

Criteria for Selection

Stamps Scholar

In order to be invited to apply for the Stamps Scholars Program at the University of Missouri, a student must have applied to and been admitted to the University and the Honors College by November 1. The application deadline for the Stamps Scholars program is December 1. Students should prepare, well in advance, for the application materials to be ready for submission by the deadline.

Every applicant who has at least a 32 ACT (or 1450 New SAT or 1390 SAT equivalents), who holds at least a 3.5 core GPA, and who has met the application and acceptance deadlines referenced above, will receive an invitation from MU and the Honors College to apply for the Stamps Scholars program.

Once the invitation is received it is up to you to take on the challenge of applying for and possibly becoming one of our leading scholars on campus.

Stamps ScholarHere is what the Director of the College has said about Stamps Scholars applicants and what we are looking for in each of those students selected: “We know that all of our applicants will have outstanding academic records. To a large extent, then, our selection process is less about splitting hairs between a 33 and 34 ACT or a 4.0 and a 3.98 GPA, than it is about each student, as a person, as a budding leader, as a visionary for their (and their community’s) future, how grounded they are, and how they interpret the world around them. Those selected will be students with whom it will be wonderful to travel, hold a far-reaching but deeply grounded and informed conversation, who look at problems as the reason for more education rather than something to be avoided, and who can handle those moments of failure and change and bounce back better than before having learned from the experience. We are truly looking to build a community of young scholars who interact regularly with faculty, administrators, and serve as leaders across campus, who take on unique challenges, who will serve as representatives of Mizzou.”

Stamps Scholar Application

An application for the Stamps Scholars consists of an essay, two letters of recommendation, and a résumé (which will be added to a student’s academic record, already on file) and submitted via the Stamps Scholars link (below).

  • Stamps Scholars Competition Resume

Please submit a résumé, of any length, detailing your academic career, employment history, volunteer and service activities, school involvement, and any other details that you feel are relevant to establishing your credentials as one of the University of Missouri’s top scholars. Title the document FIRSTLASTStampsResume2018, with your first name in place of FIRST and your last name in place of LAST.

  • Stamps Scholars Competition Essay (2018)

Please provide a 1000-1250 word answer to the question below. Be sure that your answer speaks to your intellectual, critical-thinking, community and civic engagement, or leadership capacities, as these are the primary traits we are looking for in our future Scholars. Your answer must be word processed and saved as either a PDF or Word document. Title the document FIRSTLASTStampsEssay2018, with your first name in place of FIRST and your last name in place of LAST.

Question: Describe a goal you have in your life.  It can be intellectual, personal, or academic – anything that is of importance to you.  Explain why and how it became a goal, the reasons why a collegiate education is important in reaching that goal, and the steps that you plan to take to achieve it.

  • Stamps Scholars Recommendation Letters

Please have two recommendation letters of any length submitted (we will only accept them if they are written by teachers; one may be from your school’s guidance counselor) detailing your academic career, according to the following: “What is this student’s greatest academic/intellectual strength and what is their greatest academic/intellectual challenge, and how does the combination of both strengths and challenges make them a potential Ambassador for Mizzou?” They should each title the document FIRSTLASTStampsRecommendation1 and FIRSTLASTStampsRecommendation2, with your first name in place of FIRST and your last name in place of LAST. Please be sure to coordinate with them who is submitting Recommendation 1 and who is submitting Recommendation 2. Please note that your recommenders should submit their documents to the same link as below.


Stamps Scholars Decision-making Process

Once applications are closed, a committee of faculty and administrators will review and evaluate every application to select the most distinguished individuals from across the United States to become Stamps Scholars Finalists.

All finalists will then be required to attend a two-day, on-campus event, scheduled for February 2-3, 2018. The event will include a formal reception, dinner, academic talk, a ten minute presentation by each candidate, a forty minute interview, a tour of the Honors Learning Community, a poster and artistry session with some of our most accomplished research Scholars & Fellows, and several other campus activities, including social and University-wide events.

Application Submission

All Stamps Scholars must submit their essay and résumé to us, no later than 11:59 p.m. (CST) on December 1 via the submission link (below). You will receive a confirmation once your materials have been submitted.

Applications are currently closed; we will begin accepting applications on November 15, 2017.

Log in with the credentials set up during your Admissions application process (email address and password). You will need to fill out the form completely, upload both your essay and resume, then submit the form.

You will see a confirmation webpage and will automatically receive a confirmation email. Your application is not complete until you get those confirmations. Please print a copy for your records.

We look forward to your candidacy and considering you for Mizzou’s premier scholars program!