2021 Stamps Day of Service

For our 2021 Stamps Day of Service, we chose to volunteer at the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri and Cleanup Columbia. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a loss of community has been one of the greatest challenges the Stamps Scholars at Mizzou have faced. It was important to our cohort to unite for a common goal to foster and recover this sense of community. Columbia is integral to the culture of Mizzou, and we feel a strong desire to give back to our city and university.

Serving at the Food Bank allowed us to be a part of an organization that focuses on providing relief for our local community, but also this organization has a broader impact in providing aid to over 20 counties in the state of Missouri. A large portion of Columbia and the Northeast part of the state are considered food deserts; therefore, the Food Bank has a substantial positive impact on people’s lives by expanding access to quality food and groceries. This is especially important now with the pandemic since these resources and access to them are far more stressed than normal.

As a cohort we have a deep appreciation and connection to the City of Columbia because it is home to our university. We wanted to contribute to the beautification and maintenance of our city by volunteering with Cleanup Columbia. Additionally, this day of service gives us the chance for our entire cohort to come together in a common goal. With each of us doing our own thing, this was a needed team-building activity.