Transfer Students

The Honors College welcomes highly accomplished and academically talented transfer students. Those students, looking to transfer to MU, who have excelled in their academics are enthusiastically encouraged to consider the Honors College as an added component of their final years at MU. Many opportunities for unique and small classes, high-impact programming, research and artistry, and our residential Honors Learning Community can still have a significant impact on a student’s education.



You are eligible for admission to the Honors College if:

  1. You are a transfer student who has completed at least 12 credit hours of college credit at an accredited institution.
  2. You have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher.
  3. You do not have to have been a member of an Honors College or Program, but if you have been, you may only transfer up to 9 honors credits if they appear as honors credits on your previous college or university transcript, to count toward the Honors Certificate.
  4. You have not earned more than 75 credit hours or be beyond the fifth semester of your college career (as defined by full-time status).


Qualified Admissions Agreements — MU and MO Community Colleges

The University of Missouri Honors College, in a continuing effort to be transfer friendly within the State of Missouri, offers students from specific Community College partner schools the opportunity to transfer into MUHC through special arrangements.

The schools to which the following apply, are:

Ozarks Technical Community College

The agreements, by school, can be found on webpage. These agreements allow students to transfer with extended deadlines (up to August 1 for Fall and January 1 for Spring), additional honors transfer hours that count toward program completion (if you have earned an AA), and possible scholarship support.

Students for who this applies should refer to the documents before proceding to apply.


Application Process

In order to be considered for admission a transfer MU student must submit the following required materials:

  1. An Application for Admission to the Honors College
  2. A Personal Statement addressing why you want to be a part of the Honors College (including enrollment in Honors courses and participation in Honors programming).
  3. Submission of a Proposed Honors Completion Plan document that provides a detailed listing of Honors course options that the student intends to follow in order to complete the required Honors coursework.  You must call our office at 573-882-3893 to set up an appointment with an advisor to discuss your options for completing these plan.


Application Deadlines

Transfer students applying for admission into the Honors College for fall semesters must apply by Feb 1*

Transfer students applying for admission into the Honors College for spring semesters must apply by Sep 30*

* These dates do not apply for students applying from one of our Community College Qualified Admissions partner schools. Those deadlines are August 1 and January 1, respectively.



The following is the process that the College will follow in considering your application.

  1. The Honors College Admissions Committee (consisting of five members, chaired by the Director) will review all applications and make a decision.
  2. All decisions are final and will be communicated to the student via email and letter.
  3. Decisions will be made on the basis of academic achievement, personal statement, and reasonableness of the completion plan.
  4. Decisions will not be based on a student’s financial need, thus the process is officially “need-blind”.

Notification and Enrollment

  1. Students who apply for fall will be notified by Feb 20 and be officially enrolled as of that date, in time for priority registration for summer and fall semesters.
  2. Students who apply for spring will be notified by Oct 20 and be officially enrolled as of that date, in time for priority registration for spring semester.
  3. Students will not be eligible for Honors College grants, awards, and scholarships until they are actually enrolled in and taking coursework during their first full semester of Honors College.


The transfer admissions policy was put into effect on 01 June 2018 as approved and passed by the Honors Council (16 March 2018).


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