A Semester in the Life of a Stamps Tiger

Spring semester of my freshman year is off to a busy start!

I am continuing my research in the Neurogenic Communication Disorders Laboratory within the School of Health Professions. It’s remarkable to be able to participate in revolutionary research as a first-year student. I’ve enjoyed contributing to work that is changing the way neurodegenerative diseases are diagnosed, meeting upperclassmen within my school, and forming a relationship with my research mentor. To read more about the research I am contributing to, click here.

In addition to participating in research, I am also a Mentor and Transportation Officer within the student organization College Mentors for Kids. One day a week, my little buddy comes to Mizzou’s campus and I participate in activities with him that enhance his personal growth and inspire his future. Whether we’re learning about ROTC or Black History Month, each interactive activity stimulates exploration of himself and his future goals. As the year progresses, it is exciting to continue to get to know my little buddy and foster his growth.

Molly McDermott and College Mentors for Kids buddy

Me and my buddy in College Mentors for Kids at the iconic columns.

On another note, I was recently accepted into the Deaton Scholars Program through the Brady and Anne Deaton Institute here at Mizzou. This program enhances students’ understanding of food insecurity and extreme poverty and then provides a platform for the creation and implementation of a project that combats these global issues. Thus far, I have met with my Collective Peer Mentorship group just once, but we are already brainstorming ideas of how we can alleviate food insecurity and extreme poverty in our own community.

Finally, I am continuing to participate in The Salt Company, a student ministry here on campus. This ministry meets as a whole group one night a week and then breaks out into smaller connection groups at another time. I’m very grateful to have found a faith community at Mizzou that encourages me to learn more about and grow closer to God. I also enjoy spending time with the girls in my connection group and having a community to lean on no matter what life throws my way.

When I’m not busy with my classes or participating in the above activities, I support Mizzou at basketball games, gymnastics meets, and look forward to the free weekend film. While this semester is busy, my schedule is full of activities and classes I love, all at a university that continues to amaze me. MIZ!

Flame guns at Mizzou vs. Kentucky basketball game.

A picture I took while standing in the 2nd row of the student section at the Mizzou vs. Kentucky basketball game. Mizzou’s school spirit was fired up!


– Molly McDermott, Stamps Scholar Class of 2022