Rojas, Eli

Eli Rojas

Administrative Assistant

165 McReynolds

Phone: 573-882-2102



Eli Rojas is the enthusiastic Administrative Assistant for the MedOpp Advising Office and the Office of Global and National Fellowships . With degrees in philosophy and interdisciplinary studies, Eli’s educational background fosters a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives and collaborative problem-solving. Eli holds a BA in philosophy with an emphasis on ethics and an interdisciplinary degree in international studies, cultural/biological anthropology, and digital storytelling. His accomplishments as a Nobel scholar, Honors College commencement speaker, and Honors Council member showcase his dedication to promoting an increasingly equitable future in higher education. In his downtime, Eli delights in spending time with his cat, Leela, experimenting with new cuisines in the kitchen, working on community projects, and finding time to relax.