Anna Merkel – August & September 2017

August was a whirlwind! Time has flown by, and now it has been over a month since I moved to Mizzou. It seems like only days ago that I was sitting in my high school’s library, worrying about where to go and what to do in college.

Move in day honestly felt like I was going to a summer camp. Although I had been hoarding dorm stuff for months, once it was all moved in and my parents drove off (no tears involved!), it still felt temporary. Now, as I have become more involved on campus, it finally feels like home. Meeting new friends and forming bonds, especially in our Stamps cohort, has been so exciting!

With all the fun events and activities like Tiger Walk or Mizzou After Dark, I’ve found plenty to occupy my time! Despite being busy, having so many things to do is really the best part about college for me. I’ve joined two engineering organizations that I’m super excited about: Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, and the AIAA (they’re a mouthful!). I’m already preparing to launch my own small-scale rocket!

Tiger Walk

I am also very excited about the opportunities I have gained through the Stamps Scholars program. I have recently begun undergraduate research in the aerospace engineering department, which is already helping me learn how to program C++, something that’s not taught here at the university, but is necessary for aerospace engineering. I am also looking into study abroad opportunities next summer, something else made possible through the Stamps Foundation.

This month has been the beginning of a journey that will have many opportunities and challenges ahead. Yet even in my short time here so far, I know that Mizzou is the perfect place to provide these opportunities and help me acquire the skills to overcome challenges. I can’t wait for the rest of the year! M-I-Z!

Anna Merkel, Stamps Scholar Class of 2021