Comedy, Drama, History and the French Revolution

Two Honors tutorials bring Lauren Gunderson's play The Revolutionists to the stage and the classroom by MJ Montgomery In a new set of Honors tutorials, theatre, history, and fiction meet in a big way. Two tutorials, taught by Dr. Claire Syler and Dr. Catherine Rymph respectively, explore the theatrical and historical contexts of Lauren Gunderson’s 2018 play…

Unbound Book Festival links honors students to Columbia community

By Jacob Richey The Unbound Book Festival is coming to downtown Columbia April 21-24, 2022 featuring authors familiar to some students in the MU Honors College. Anyone can attend the event for free, but some events require registration. For the first time in two years, it will be back in person. The festival will feature…

Honors Learning By Contract

By Sam Ennis Despite a wide variety of classes, covering topics from beer to childcare, finding the right honors course at Mizzou can be a challenge. Honors Learning-by-Contract (HLBC) is an option that allows students the flexibility to turn a non-Honors course into a unique Honors learning experience. Honors Students have taken HLBC courses in…

MU Honors Fall 2021 Brazeal Recipient

As the 2022 Brazeal interviews finish up, let's get to know the 2021 recipient! Mariam Morafa, a Memphis native, is the 2021 Brazeal Scholar. Morafa is pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering. Coming from a very STEM-focused environment, her family has served as her “hugest inspiration.” “[My family] became such a strong sense of representation…

Hitting All the Right Notes

Mizzou Honors course celebrates Black women in music through the 20th and 21st centuries.

Brazeal Scholar Blasts Off

Physics major from Kansas City sees Mizzou as launch pad

Goode Investment

Education is a lifelong passion for Mizzou alumnus, state senator and scholarship founder.

Past and Present

MU Honors is the first in the nation to offer a course on the 1918 influenza epidemic and COVID-19

The Language of Learning

Classical Studies Professor Earns Honors Faculty of the Year Award

Tigers Support Tigers