Jessica Blake – August & September 2018

Wow! It is so hard to believe that it has already been eight weeks, but I am so happy to be settling in at Mizzou. The first half of the semester has been so full of activities and has gone by so fast. It feels like I was just making the long drive from Ohio, and moving in yesterday, but the year is off to a great start!


The past two months have been full of a lot of firsts, first time having a roommate, first college classes, first football game, first club meetings, and even first exams. With a lot of first comes a busy schedule, so things have been nonstop, but I like to stay on my toes so it has been a good kind of busy!


I am really enjoying all of my classes and my research fellowship. There are a few general education classes I have to complete, but one of my favorite things about college has been taking principals of journalism and other classes focused on the topics I enjoy. Having the opportunity to study things that I am passionate about, makes me look forward to going to class every day. I get to talk with other students and professors who love searching for the truth and serving society as storytellers. They challenge me to broaden my perspective and to think outside the box. Call me a nerd, but I think that is so much fun!


Outside of class and research, I have been doing a lot of exploring. The hardest part of college so far has been saying no — saying no to clubs, classes, job opportunities, sports — everything under the sun, you name it, you can do it on campus. There are so many new opportunities available and so many different ways to spend your time, that I have been slowly but surely trying to pick a few things that I really love to do. Currently, I am preparing for my first half marathon in November, I am in training to become a leader for Young Life, a campus and community-based ministry, and I have joined Women in Media (WIM). I am enjoying each activity and they are definitely filling my time. I plan to apply for a position as a Diversity Peer Educator next semester and I have several other opportunities on the horizon, so we will see what’s in store!


Overall I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy the transition to life here in Columbia has been. Coming out to Mizzou, a small part of me feared being homesick and struggling to adjust, but I am so happy to say that I have felt right at home. I got to fly out to see my family in New Mexico for my Uncle’s wedding in September. Reuniting with everyone was bittersweet, but now I just get to look forward to Thanksgiving! We talk and facetime often which makes the 543 miles to Ohio feel a lot closer, and I know that they are cheering me on and supporting me in everything I do.


I have also started to build an honorary “family” on campus, I have made friends with people from across majors and across the country. I found a church that I love, I have built a sense of community with my floor and the people in my clubs. Columbia is really starting to feel like a home away from home. Some days when I wake up or when I am walking around campus I pause to look around and do a double take thinking, “Am I really doing this, I am I really a college student?”. I am living out some of my biggest dreams and the incredible plan the Lord has made for me and I couldn’t be more grateful to be doing it here at Mizzou as a Stamps Scholar. Here’s to all the adventures to come!


– Jessica Blake, Stamps Scholar Class of 2022