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Over its nearly sixty years of existence, MU’s Honors College has graduated well over 11,500 alumni who have gone on to accomplished lives and careers. Each alumnus represents a story of a broad and interdisciplinary curriculum, deep engagement with faculty, social and co-curricular programs, and the Mizzou Method of putting knowledge and scholarship into action.


The Honors College is unique among all of MU’s various schools and colleges as well as among all other Honors colleges throughout the United States and abroad. As one of the first, fully developed Honors colleges, our history includes offering the first women’s studies course at Mizzou, being a leader on issues of equity and diversity, and graduating some of MU’s most accomplished individuals.

To continue our traditions of excellence and community, as a unique College at MU, and innovation, we need your ongoing support. Please consider a gift of any size, directed to the Honors College in order to help us further our work and ensure the success of the next generation of Honors College graduates!