Meet Your Honors College Front Desk Staff

Introducing some of the friendly faces at the Honors College reception desk! Each semester, student staff members man the Front Desk, where they monitor sign-ins, answer questions and offer assistance to guests and staff. Get to know four of our amazing Front Desk staff below.

Alex Sharp

Name: Alex Sharp

Hometown: Glenview, IL

Year/Majors: Sophomore, Journalism and International Studies

Favorite Honors College Memory: For my freshman year, I lived on an Honors floor at Mark Twain and everyone on my floor became one big friend group.

Favorite Honors Course: Genocide with Dr. Bowers.

Favorite Place to Study: The study room across from my dorm room because it has a big table and bright walls that remind me that studying doesn’t need to be cramped or sad.

Tony Vazquez

Name: Tony Vazquez

Hometown: Aurora, Missouri

Year/Major: Junior, Information Technology

Favorite Honors College Memory: My favorite Honors College memory is of one of the Geek Week events, where we had with guests from the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center and Women’s Center come to discuss women in geek culture. It was such a captivating discussion. We went way over time talking about our favorite games, movies and shows that we felt were examples of positive women representation. It was easily one of the most wholesome and thoughtful discussions I’ve ever been a part of!

Favorite Honors College Course: I’m currently taking an Ancient Board Games Tutorial and can already tell this will be my favorite Honors course. The environment is so laid back, but in two classes I’ve already learned so much. Later this semester, we’re going to play reconstructions of board games from the ancient world! I think I found the nerdiest class on campus and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Favorite Place to Study: My favorite place to study is honestly my room, wrapped up under blankets with snacks nearby. If I’m out and about though I enjoy the bottom floor of the student center. That one easily gets my vote for favorite place to take a nap!

Tessa Valleroy

Name: Tessa Valleroy

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Year/Majors: Senior, Anthropology and Biological Sciences

Favorite Honors College Memory: My favorite Honors College memory would have to be my Summer Welcome.  Over the course of those two days, I met the person who could become my Honors Learning Community roommate, and who is still my roommate and dear friend four years later.  I also had my advising through the Honors College, which was the point at which I realized that not just Mizzou but the Honors College itself was a place where I could be successful surrounded by supportive people.

Favorite Honors College course: This is not an easy choice to make, but I thoroughly enjoyed my honors tutorial on Board Games of the Ancient World.

Favorite Places to Study: On campus, it would have to be the Honors College, off campus it would have to be my bed.

Name: Tyler Grellner

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Year/Majors: Junior, Economics / Mathematics / Statistics

Favorite Honors College Memory: My favorite memory had to be freshman year meeting everyone in the Honors Learning Community for the first time. I did not know a lot of people coming into Mizzou, but I felt right at home with everybody!

Favorite Honors College Course: Honors Humanities: The Modern Era

Favorite Place to Study: I’m torn between the upper levels of the library or Shortwave Coffee.