Show-Me-Scholars Program

Launched in November 2013, the Show-Me-Scholars program is designed to recruit up to thirty-five high-achieving students from Missouri each year to MU. Our vision is to create a cohort of students representing every college on campus who are actively engaged in the campus, local, and state communities, but who have also achieved great academic success. We firmly believe that the range of programming and opportunities will mean that, upon graduation, these students will go on to graduate schools or career choices that have been shaped by the pride and engagement they demonstrated in their university and their state.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, 36 students were enrolled in the program–an unbelievably high yield, and became part of an overall community of 109 Scholars.

Owing to the support of the Cherng Program in Honors, first-time students entering Mizzou in 2017-2018 who are selected as Show-Me Scholars will receive a one-time scholarship of $1500.

The goals of the program are as follows:

  • To create a highly selective and cohesive program that capitalizes on the strengths and opportunities available at MU and within Missouri
  • To offer a four-year, sequential and progressively high-impact experience with unique opportunities that transcend the traditional classroom and co-curricular experience
    • First-year tutorials (up to six students) designed expressly for Show-Me Scholars
    • Sophomore year research & artistry experiences and workshops
    • Junior year grant for study abroad or study away (on an approved program)*
    • Senior year opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant (TA) in an Honors course or continue research & artistry

* The study abroad/away grant for all cohorts is $500.

Scholars & Fellows Weekend

Each fall, the Honors College hosts an Honors Scholars & Fellows Weekend for qualified students (by invitation only). This event includes a dinner and keynote talk, conversations with honors faculty, and a day of sessions on research & artistry, the Honors Learning Community, and life as an honors student at Mizzou. To be eligible to be invited, students must file their MU application and be accepted by October 1 and have at least a 33 ACT (or its equivalent). At this event the College will share advance details about the application processes and procedures for all of our Scholars & Fellows events, as well as any details about newly developing opportunities.