Cherng Scholarship & Research Programs

The Cherng Program supports a number of our Scholarship & Research Programs, including the Cherng Scholars and Show-Me Scholars, ASH Scholars (Documenting Luyia Project, 2016—present; Minority-Focused News as a Locus of Empowerment, 2019—present), and the Cherng Summer Scholars.

Cherng Summer Scholars

Some of our most accomplished honors researchers become Cherng Summer Scholars and participate in a full-time, summer research or creative scholarship program. Below are the members of previous cohorts.

Grace Chicoine | Secondary Education
Cameron Duello | Biological Sciences, Psychology
Dylan Fowler | Chemistry, Mathematics
Rucha Kelkar | Health Science
Marissa LaMartina | Biological Sciences, Spanish minor
Sadia Moumita | Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
Emad Renfroe | Chemical Engineering, Mathematics minor, Chemistry minor
Harjeev Singh | Biological Sciences
Casey Uffelmann | Biochemistry, Psychology minor
Veronica Worthen | Chemistry

Back row (l to r): Dylan Fowler, Casey Uffelmann, Harjeev Singh, Emad Renfroe. Front row: Sadia Moumita, Veronica Worthen, Grace Chicoine, Rucha Kelkar, Marissa LaMartina. Not pictured: Cameron Duello.

August Hemmerla | Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry
Cade McKnelly | Economics
Kevin Hahn | Biological Sciences
Kylee Isom | Art-BFA
Mac McMullan | Journalism
Quinn Cunningham | Physics, Linguistics
Rachel Henderson | Journalism
Sofia Voss | Film Studies, Art History
Taylor Volkers | Biological Engineering

Top row: Mac McMullan, Kevin Hahn, Sofia Voss
Middle row: Rachel Henderson, Taylor Volkers, Quinn Cunningham
Bottom row: August Hemmerla, Kylee Isom, Cade McKnelly

Thomas DeLong | Biology, History
John Gordon | Biochemistry
Jacob Hager | Economics, Math
Emily Harrelson | Biochemistry
Leo Koenigsfeld | Biochemistry, Plant Sciences
Madison (Maddy) LaChance | Biology
Juliann Leak | Biology, Psychology
Tessi Rickabaugh | Women’s and Gender Studies, Religious Studies
Donia Shawn | Biology, Psychology
Paige Smith | Health Science – Public Health
Landon Swartz | Computer Engineering
Evann Twitchell | Journalism

Find more information about the summer 2020 projects here

Cherng Summer Scholars 2020

Sarah Gilmer | Archaeology, Anthropology
Mollie Harrison | Chemical Engineering
Toni Morcos | Biological Sciences, Sociology (minor)
Reagan Myers | Journalism
J.D. Peiffer | Biomedical Engineering, Math (minor)
Emmalee Reed | Photojournalism
Jolie Welch | Biology, Psychology
Andrew Yowell | Biological Sciences, Psychology (minor)

Find more information about the 2019 summer projects here

Left to Right: Emmalee Reed, Jolie Welch, J.D. Peiffer, Sarah Gilmer, Mollie Harrison, Toni Morcos, Andrew Yowell, Reagan Myers

Rebecca Craigg | Biology
Patrick Cronley | Biology, Psychology
Kyra Flora | Fisheries and Wildlife
Sai Gajagowni | Biology, Psychology
Sally Heil | Biology
Beckie Jaeckels | Journalism
Skyler Kramer | Biochemistry
Elizabeth Kujath | Linguistics
Emelyn Piotter | Biology (not pictured)
Sarah Pribe | International Studies, English
Sam Ritter | Meteorology
Caroline Statler | Biology

Front row (l to r): Elizabeth Kujath, Caroline Statler, Beckie Jaeckels, Kyra Flora, Sally Heil, Sarah Pribe
Back row (l to r): Sam Ritter, Patrick Cronley, Sai Gajagowni, Rebecca Craigg
Not pictured: Skyler Kramer, Emelyn Piotter

Aiden Alemifar | Biological Engineering
Julia Brose | Biochemistry
Thomas Cassimatis | Biological Sciences
Clarabelle Fields | Classical Studies
Baylee Francka | Psychology (not pictured)
Jacqueline Ihnat | Business Management
Riley Messer| Political Science
Abbey Robinson | Biological Sciences
Jade Thomas | Anthropology
Tessa Valleroy | Anthropology
Ethan Zars | Chemistry
Braden Zink | Biological Sciences

Back row (l to r): Tessa Valleroy, Jacqueline Ihnat, Abbey Robinson. Middle row (l to r): Thomas Cassimatis, Ethan Zars, Braden Zink, Aiden Alemifar. Front row (l to r): Riley Messer, Clarabelle Fields, Abbey Robinson, Jade Thomas